Health is wealth..!! When our health is concerned, we have to see its physical and mental aspects both. Along with hearts, joints, brain also needs certain special nutrients for its proper functioning. So here is the list of food items that keeps your brain active and stable:

 Instead of wine, eat purple grapes:

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To prevent circulatory diseases, various doctors prescribe you to drink more and more wine. But simultaneously this affects our respiratory system in a very harmful ways. Now you must be confused what to do?? The best possible ways is to avoid intake of wine and start eating purple grapes. Purple grapes are the rich source of phytonutrient resveratol which help in providing proper circulation. By eating purple grapes they easily fulfil the demand for resveratol. They maintain the level of oxygen and nutrients by preventing our body to suffer from dementia. It helps to prevent blockage and keeps our blood vessels healthy. They also decrease the amount of bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol. So avoid drinking wine and make a habit of eating purple grapes in your breakfast.

Have some oily fish:



Our body has a certain demand for fatty acid and it is essential to fulfil this demand through our diet. Though our body is capable of making fatty acids, but the level is difficult to achieve. Our brain needs omega-3 fats, which are naturally present in oily fish. There are various other sources of this acid like soya bean oil, linseed oil, walnut oil or soya beans. Oily fish is very helpful for proper functioning of brain, heart and joints. This fish contains ready-made DHA and EPA so that body can use this easily. If our body contains less amount of DHA then the risk of having memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease increases. The most essential sources of these are trout, salmon, sardines, kippers etc.

Sprinkle the topping of nuts:


To prevent cognitive impairment intake of vitamin E in our diet is necessary. Nuts are the main source of Vitamin E. So double the toppings of nuts on your food items and enjoy its benefits.

Try some Avocado:


Avocado is basically known for its fat content. They are the main source for carrying oleic acid in our body. This fatty acid helps in building a coat of insulation, which is referred as myelin. Myelin is a matter which helps in providing information at the fast speed, approximate 200 miles in an hour. Without myelin the brain process information at a slow speed. Apart from avocado there are some other ways too with which we can include some fatty acid in our diet, but being so much smooth and creamy in nature they are preferred more. So, avocados are mainly an important source for providing fast speed and response.

Get some sweet potato in your diet:

sweet potato

Sweet potato contains Carotenoids, which act as antioxidants and prevent our cells from damage. As we know sweet potatoes contain less sugar than white ones. So always prefer food items which contain low sugar so that the level of glycemic index can be maintained.

Go for whole grains:


As it is well known that for proper functioning of the brain, it needs energy. There is a need of full concentration and focus and this all comes when there is an adequate amount of energy in our body. Energy is provided in the form of glucose to our brain. Glucose is provided to our blood when there is a regular intake of whole grains in our diet. This release of glucose into our body helps in decreasing our response time and keeps us alert throughout each activity. You can go for brown pasta, granary bread and brown cereals. When we talk about brown cereals we are mainly concerned with brown rice. Vitamin-B is the secret source of energy which is highly present in brown rice.

Add more and more vitamins in our body:

To reduce the amount of homocysteine in our body increase the level of vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. With increasing homocysteine in our body the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and cognitive impairment also increases. Certain researches show that with increases the content of these vitamins in our diet the cases for brain shrinkage decreases.

Eat green vegetables:


It is the known fact that a small amount of green vegetable in our diet can do wonders. But when the brain is considered a handful of spinach can do this work. Spinach contains vitamin-B and folate which mainly helps in maintaining circulation of blood. Folate helps in forming neurotransmitters for learning and thinking process.

Open Sesame:


Sesame seeds are the richest source of zinc. This is the most important needed in our brain for proper learning, memory and development of our brain. Zinc is also needed for our defense system for providing immunity and balance.

Increase your learning with lentils:

These lentils are a good source of iron and this iron helps in the formation of myelin. With this myelin information is processed quickly and enhances our learning process. Iron also helps in the formation of dopamine, which controls our mood.

Take these food items and keep your brain healthy..!!