We were all born into the Pop culture and we love it, don’t we? By definition, it means all the ideas, images and attitudes that were considered mainstream in the culture of the 20th and the early 21st century! ‘Pop’ actually is an abbreviated form of the word ‘popular’ and it was mainly used to refer to the genre of music called pop music from the late nineteen fifties. Well, it modernized the whole world, sweeping and dusting all the old traditions giving it a new, sparkling sheen.

Remember the pretty ladies in the beautiful gowns and men in high breeches waltzing their way into daylight in the movie Pride and Prejudice? Even better is drool-worthy Mr. Darcy with his alluring aristocratic courtship rituals. He is every girl’s dream guy – decent, gentlemanly, polished, respectful and what not! Times have changed and guys like that are, well, not so common to find nowadays. But hey, dating has never been more transparent and courtship is quite a different play now. The new pop culture has changed all the rules of the dating game which makes it very difficult for either of the sex to have a clear shot.

So, let’s look at some of the basic rules to have a decent, fun and impressive first date.

1. Pick up – It is important that you pick up your date and no, it doesn’t matter if you own a car or not. Picking her up on a bicycle would be more romantic even though some of the females may not feels so. The point is you need to show that you bothered to pick her up and even more important is that you be punctual.

Knocking at her door with an apology for being late on the very first date doesn’t paint a very good picture.



2. Clothing – First impressions are the best impressions. Clothes are what make a man, and a women too. Dressing speaks volumes about who you are. Apart from indicating your personality, it also shows that you cared enough to dress well for the date and that’s pretty good. Imagine someone who doesn’t bother to even dress well on the first date. Meh.


3. Language – A person’s class and standards are reflected in the kind of language he uses. We use the formal language with no traces of emotions for office use and in other formal occasions. Similarly, we need to use the right language on a date. You don’t want to sound all ‘hello madam, how do you do?’, do you?

Your language should be classy but not too formal and absolutely no swearing. Even if the date is OK with swearing, it is not much appreciated right on the first date.

4. Attitude – No matter how much a girl rants about feminism or male chauvinism, she will definitely not take offense if you pull out the chair for her or open the car door for her. It just shows that you are a gentleman. But don’t repeat it on every date with the same woman because it’s only a matter of time before the feminist in them kicks in!

Also a confident man is a win-win and arrogance, even a streak of it is a big no-no. Everybody hates an arrogant prick. Remember to never be bossy, pushy or domineering which means you don’t decide what she eats at say, a dinner date. That will have the lady running in no time.


5. Listen more, talk less – Girls dig guys who talk with eyes than mouth. You should remember to listen closely to everything she says and much later, ask her something regarding any specific thing that she had mentioned in the passing. She will be highly impressed that you had listened to everything, remembered it and bothered to ask about it!

And look into her eyes and most importantly, never check out a passing girl. You can save that for later.

listen more

6. Compliments – The fairer sex loves to hear compliments. In fact, all of us love being complimented! At the beginning, compliment her on her beautiful dress or her hair-do because girls spend a lot and I mean a LOT of time picking out the right dress. Not to mention the number of hours with the curlers and mascaras.

And later on, in the awkward pauses, compliment her on her beautiful smile or eyes. They make the best fillers. Just remember to sound genuine which you can get right by maintaining proper eye contact.


7. Cell phone off – Who would like to go on a date with the damn phone ringing or beeping away every 10 minutes! That is definitely off-limits.

So make sure to keep it on silent mode and answer only if it is really important. If there are less disturbances, then it would go smoothly.


8. Never argue – You might bump into a lot of girls who can get quite bossy. They may tend to take a different opinion on whatever you might say but don’t let it get to you. Don’t ever argue with her especially on sensitive issues because things can get quite nasty.

Even if she herself argues a lot, she won’t like it if you start doing the same!


9. A small token – No lady will say no to a pretty rose or an orchid corsage. That is a very sweet gesture and it will earn you the extra brownie points!


10. Pay – It is more like an expected thing that guys pay. The ladies may not mind splitting it but refuse the offer pleasantly. Take her to a small, cute bistro or cafe, that way you don’t have to cough up too many pennies.


Besides these points, if you want to make the date memorable, take her to a fair or something similar because giant wheels and other such rides will have her clutching onto your hand for dear life. And that’s romantic. Buy her popcorn or whatever she likes, romp around and finally maybe a little frolicking in the fountain or sprinklers. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile (genuinely) because a smile can be a real life saver. It will smooth out any creases or glitches along the way.


Important bonus tip : Make her laugh and keep it real.

You are ready, boys. Go and sweep them off their feet!