A Bowlful of Comfort: Healthy Soups for You

A Bowlful of Comfort: Healthy Soups for You

I was out this evening and it suddenly started to pour. That’s how it is in these parts – unpredictable heavy showers are a fact of life. I arrived home all drenched. An hour later, I was sneezing: I’d come down with a bad cold. That’s when mom came up with just what I needed – like moms always do – a bowlful of delicious, warm soup. As the warm,


The simmering sound of the sizzler arriving,oozing with a lingering trail of smoky scent and barbecue sauce ,a platter full of continental goodness reaches you loaded with oven fresh bread with butter melting on it,plenty of crispy sauteed vegetables decorated on its sides,pepper and mushroom dip,delectable potato wings and sitting in the center of it all,the maharaja,a thick,well done boneless chicken steak brimming with the choicest of sauces,crisp on the

Therapeutic Modification of the Normal Diet – Their Uses in Dietary Treatment

1. INTRODUCTION A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods. It’s a practice followed in many hospitals as part of the treatment of a medical condition and are normally prescribed by a physician and planned by a dietician. A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet. Diets are modified for consistency, nutrition and new methods of making regular dishes.  The normal

Food Myths- The Secret Revealed

Myths surrounding foodstuffs are like UFOs, one can always hear about them but nobody really knows whether there is any truth to them! There is no shortage of food myths floating around on the web. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that behind most food and nutrition myths, there is a kernel of truth. But what is the reality behind these myths? Are they authentic enough for us to believe

Probiotics : Teaming Up With Good Microbes

When Homo sapiens came into existence, the food they had, only came from plants. Gradually, people started eating animals. And today, we eat almost everything that is not harmful to us. That includes even the teeny- tiny micro-organisms, that are not even visible to us unless and until we have a good 40X microscope. When we think of these microbes, the first picture that comes to our mind is that

Food For Thought : Boosters and Busters

Ever thought about how food can affect how you feel and behave? Think about thanksgiving, that hearty meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of valium. Or think about a cup of mocha latte, there’s nothing like a foamy cup containing 2 caffeine saturated drinks, is there? And when you are feeling low, because of frustrating reasons like you run out of cash or you have exams, you

Sagar Ratna:Redefining South Indian Food

Light as air,crispy and paper thin,the marks of the spiral style of spreading the batter on the hot tava,stuffed with well spiced and flavoured potatoes topped off with coconut seasoning,now that is a Dosa that the Sagar Ratna restaurant in Defence Colony,Delhi, serves you with.We all have seen long queues in front of restaurants and eateries that offer Mughlai,Continental,Italian,Chinese,Thai or simply amazing North Indian food,yet Sagar Ratna restaurant will be

Bring Out the Teapots!

Every time I come home to Assam for the holidays, I notice just how much the Assamese people love their tea. It is that first warm sip in the morning that gets them going for the day – and not without reason. Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, tea has finally caught the attention of researchers in the West,

Let’s Make a Healthier Pizza

The Dominos commercials may show shiny, happy people gorging on slices of pizza, but you’re nobody’s fool. You know the ugly truth. The dripping cheese that looks so tempting on your television screen is bad news for your heart and waistline. But if you think that means pizzas are to be absolutely cut out of your diet – no matter how much that saddens your inner pizza-lover – think again.

Curry in a Hurry – in less than 30 minutes!

Curry is a dish containing complex combinations of herbs and spices, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. Curry dishes may contain fish, poultry or meat, either alone or mixed with vegetables. They may also be purely vegetarian. Curries are great for using any leftover food one may have in the fridge from the night before. They are also quite versatile. Most are really easy to make and cost effective.