Dessert Dreams

Dessert Dreams

Whats life without dreams and who said the dream has to be productive? It can just be a whim and the whim to eat is the best kind. Here I share with you two of my most delicious whims. One was surmounted and second is eluding me. The Cheesecake Factory. The place where penny works!  This comes from a diehard Big Bang Fan who also happens to be a foodie;

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Eat Well

Eat at regular intervals and make sure that you have three meals a day. This should help your blood glucose level to remain steady throughout the day. Also, having three proper meals at regular intervals will prevent you from feeling hungry.    Watch the amount of fat you eat. Fried and fatty foods are loaded with calories (they are obviously not good for you if you are trying to shed

The X-Men and their Origins

The Title might be a little misleading. No we are not talking about the popular movie series X-Men but about the most important “men” read “food” for a typical Indian. Food is part of our identity. They say “We are recognized by the food we eat”. There are certain kinds of food which originated from our land and have been an important part of Indian lives. These staple foods are

Healthy Cooking for Diabetes

DIABETES. What is Diabetes? When one has diabetes, the amount of glucose (sugar) in his/her blood is very high. This is mainly because the body is unable to use the glucose properly. For Diabetic people, maintaining blood glucose levels is the essential aim for treatment and this can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle. My grandmother and my mother are both prey to the disease diabetes mellitus. It is

Paneer: The Indian Cheese

Paneer or Indian cheese is nothing but curd cheese which is a resultant of curdling milk with vinegar, lime juice or any other types of food acids. For hundreds of years man is being using milk and other types of milk products as a part of his meal as well as drinks. Used by our forefathers, these dishes have travelled through time only to have been used in newer and

Cuisine of the Kings: Mughlai Food

Mughlai food refers to the food which was prepared in the kitchen of the royals of the Mughal Empire. The cuisine is influenced by the Persian cuisine and in turn has affected the cooking styles all over India but especially seen clearly in regions like Punjab and Kashmir. Mughlai food belongs to the South Asian cuisine, where we find extreme variation in the taste and flavor from extreme spicy to

Let’s Taste Assam

There is one thing that strikes me every single time I come home to Assam: Assamese food, though little-known to people outside the valley, is more unique and distinct than given credit for. Assamese cuisine is a confluence of cooking habits of the hill folk that privilege fermentation and drying as forms of food preservation,and those from the plains that include the use of fresh vegetables and fish, found abundantly in its

Junk Food – In and Out

  Junk food is a term we are all familiar with and is associated with food items I bet taste well but is not considered healthy. It is believed that the term junk food was first used by a person named Michael Jacobson who was the director of the Center for Science in Public Interest. Under the heading of junk food come a lot of different types of food items

Baking for the Vegan

The day you went vegan, you probably made the most responsible choice you’ll ever make. Not only did you refuse to partake in the unethical treatment of animals, but you also took a step towards a healthier heart and away from obesity, diabetes, and various types of cancers. And the bonus? You get to smirk every time your meat-eating friends express awe at your choice. Because there is one secret

Beating The Heat With Juicy Retreat

Think about sitting at a beach on a hot summer day with an ice-cold beer !! Wonderful, isn’t it? Well, it aches my heart to tell you that this is not a common scenario in tropical countries like India. The sole reason for this is that the summer season here, makes it very difficult for us to beat the scorching heat. And to provide an icing on this cake, we