Midnight Demons : Counter Your Cravings

Midnight Demons : Counter Your Cravings

It is 11:00 p.m. You are watching T.V. Suddenly, a Dominoz commercial appears on the screen with their latest schemes and a sumptuous pizza flashes on the screen, and WHOOOSH…!!! U get severe hunger pangs, and well, you go to the kitchen, search for stock of chocolates, cakes or your favorite cookies to munch on. For most of the people, their midnight Maggi is the ultimate solace for these cravings.

The Business of Food

Every business has a set of people who it targets, in some cases a particular group of society. They fight competition to satisfy their target customers and attract them with different marketing strategies. Every business might have a particular saturation point beyond which it is tough to expand or experiment. But, if there is one business which doesn’t have any such restrictions it is “The Business of Food”. The food

Awesome ways to Include Mangoes into your Meals and why

Summer time is here again and we all know what that means, beside the sweltering heat and the humidity, it means mango season. This period is every child’s heaven, when mangoes are abundant so is happiness. This fruit  is undoubtedly one of the most favored fruits of all times and is thus fittingly is India’s national fruit, of course it does help that India is one of the largest producers

Breakfast, the right start of a day

Late for work and absolutely no time to waste, hurry to get ready and leave barely stopping for a cup of tea. This happens to almost all of us. In our busy lives we all often miss once of the most important things in hurry, that is our breakfast. The importance of breakfast of gravely undermined. It is often said one must eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a

Drink Light, Drink Right

When the summer sun is up with a vengeance, there’s nothing like a cool, delicious drink to refresh you. But beware. Every time you reach for your favourite juice/soda/latte/shake, you may be ingesting more calories than you might be prepared to bargain for. So what do you do then? Would you put your weight loss plans on hold and gulp down a sugary drink and a guilty conscious? Or would

Festa Italiana: How to Eat Healthy at an Italian Restaurant

On days that you don’t feel like cooking, what do you do? For many of you, the likely answer is order a pizza. It’s true. The urban Indian audience has been fast developing a taste for Italian food. And it’s not just the promptly delivered, hassle-free pizzas that we go for either. For many of us today, bruschetta, pasta, and lasagna are standard choices when eating out. But what are

Doctor At Home – Kitchen To The Rescue

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be in a doctor’s family. So what? Each one of you can be a doctor at your home. Well, the kind of doctor I am talking about doesn’t need a medical degree, he/she just needs a kitchen with some of the regular stuff a typical kitchen should have. And having kitchen in your house, is not that big a deal (for those who don’t

5 Disasters To Ditch : A Step Towards A Healthy You

Most  people think of their fridge as a nutritional safety zone, home to minimally- processed foods like fruits and veggies, milk, curd and condiments. But nutrition in the fridge is just confined to veggie box or main shelves. But look around inside the fridge, the door, the chill zone and the freezer, those small shelves, which, ironically, turn into the biggest attraction the moment you open the fridge. And they