Beverages To Keep You Cool This Summer

Beverages To Keep You Cool This Summer

The 40 F plus temperatures, the scorching Sun, the long vacations, the sweaty bodies, the fast metabolism rates, the urge to sip-in or bite into something soothing – this and much more defines Summers. And here we are again! Can’t eat a whole lot at one go in Summers, the hunger pangs claw into your tummy post-dinner and post-lunch. What to sip? What to nibble? Something to cool you off!

Popular restaurant Chains visited by the Populace

Restaurants are the first thing that come in our mind when there are plans of going out with friends or family. And when it comes to choosing restaurants, we go for the most acclaimed ones, with highest ratings and the best reviews. We sometimes prefer international cuisine with a bit of Indian touch to satisfy our taste buds. This is the list of some of the famous national and international

The Brahmin Weddings

Marriages they say, are made in heaven. The bonds that last a life time and follows you throughout the seven circles of life you are supposed to complete. The weddings in the traditional Brahmin households are extravagant. Traditionally the weddings would last a good 19 days. With the ever evolving present, it is exclusively celebrated for 3 days. It is usually organized by the bride and her family. Pre –