The most Refreshing Yogurt : Lassi

The most Refreshing Yogurt : Lassi

Lassi, a yogurt based drink which always leaves you wanting more.  In this summer nothing can be more refreshing than this coolant drink. Yogurt drinks are widely popular all over the world. In India people referred this yogurt based drink as “Lassi”. Lassi is also known as buttermilk is a traditional drink in India and Pakistan. It was originated in Punjab and is an age-old custom in Punjab to serve

Interesting facts about chocolates

HISTORY- The secret of cacao tree was discovered around 2,000 years ago in Central American rain forests. At that time tropical mix of rainfall combined with humidity and temperature provided the climate for cultivation of the plant from which chocolate is derived, called cacao tree. Cacao was an essential and important part of Mayan culture. The Mayan also used Cacao beans as currency. The first people who made chocolate were

6 Motivational ways to stay healthy

Eat a healthy breakfast –   Most of us are unaware of some facts about breakfast. Even I used to think that taking breakfast daily will lead to me putting on weight and taking an egg and milk daily is so boring. But this type of thinking got clear when I came to know some interesting facts about breakfast. Now a days foods are high in calories and low on

Foods which are best for skin

The nutritious and healthy food is all that you want to have a perfect and blushing skin. Not only it protects the inner body but also shields from the outside.  The better and more nutritious food stuff we take in results in more beautiful and vibrant skin. Now a day’s people spend a lot amount of money in buying skin products, but the results out of them are not found

Gujarati’s folk dance: Daandiya Raas

Dandiya is basically a dance form which was originated by Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. It was a symbol of Raas Lila between Krishna and Radha. But now it has become a popular folk dance of Gujarat. It is a custom followed during Navaratri evenings in various parts of Western India. During this season people gather together and perform Dandiya Raas. Dandiya Raas has become a substantial part of Navaratri festival.

Mainstream Nutrition Myths

People generally have a lot of nutrition myths in their knowledge and they follow it as they have heard it from somewhere and consider it as a true fact. But today science and technology has progressed a lot. We no longer live in the world where facts cannot be verified. The scientific studies have proved that the following mentioned myths are baseless and people should ignore them completely. So here

Easy way of making Wine at home

Wine is nothing but a alcoholic beverage that is made out of fermented grapes.Basically there are two varieties of wines they are red wine and white wine.The simple difference between them is that red wine is prepared by soaking the grapes along with the skin whereas the white wines are prepared by removing the skin of the grapes after fermentation process.By using different types of grape varieties and strains of

The Best Carnival on Earth!

It’s one of the hottest, sexiest and the most amazing carnival on the face of this earth! And not just this, but the Carnival is something that gives one chance to witness the true culture of Brazil. It is a euphoric extravaganza, where people from all walks of life come together and have tons of fun. A lot of people consider the Carnival in Brazil as one the biggest festive

So you love Coffee?!

  Do you think yourself as a coffee freak who just feels refreshed only after having that cup of hot coffee? Don’t worry, as your love for coffee is not in vain, rather it has some good things to offer. Go on, and discover the reasons why having that refreshment cup is good for you and you can continue with it without feeling guilty for the caffeine craving. There won’t


Skin-care is probably the most overrated issue in our life. With the flooding of creams, face-washes and other products in the market, beauty is arguably the most profit-generating venture. There are day creams, night creams, anti-aging, wrinkle-lift, fairness creams, cold-creams and what not!! I am sincerely waiting for noon creams, evening creams, summer creams, spring creams and most importantly, anti-dumbness creams.  When all these creams don’t suffice, people flock to