Chokhi Dhani: An Experience Like Never Before

Chokhi Dhani: An Experience Like Never Before

The sultry breeze,the golden sand,the earthly smell,the air resonating with warm cordial greetings of “RAAM RAAM SA!”,smiles on each face,the enthusiasm with which each person reflects the undiluted festivity of Jaipur.Each moment spent in CHOKHI DHANI becomes an experience that you shall never forget.A mere peephole to have a glimpse of the rich culture and ways of celebrations Rajasthan harbour s,it is as legendary as it gets! Entering Chokhi Dhani

Food Cravings: Reclaim your control

These cravings… oh! They really ruin the diet schedule. Sometimes, we are bored or other times we are emotional, and these food cravings manifest into consciousness. Seriously, we cant ignoreit , so hard to resist and if that yum, delicious food is readily available, it just goes out of control. Unfair, no? But, if controlled , its better for health in some way. If we understand why these occur and

Save The Food : Preservation At Home

Do you have those days in your life when you want to eat mangoes in winters? Or do you want to figure out a way of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round? Well, preservation is the answer, a term that is often considered as infamous, because of its chemical ways that probably deprive the food of its nutritional value. But there are a number of natural and DIY

Unveiling The World Of Food Fraud

Everybody knows that homemade food is best for our health. But if we step out of this illusion, then, we will find that even homemade food can be potentially harmful to us. This is not because of the cooking, it is because of the ingredients used in cooking. Those ingredients, even if are present as less as 1 tablespoon in our food, can turn the food into a poison. Adulteration

Barbecue the Indian hangout

The west has now twin meaning of Barbecue, it’s to barbecue and to be at one. The sheer tradition that this tiny (not literally!) thing packs in itself is awesome. From sports to backyard parties, Barbecue is a way of life there. The Wild West is set in its way and doesn’t seem to want to change, and rightly so. The untamed east has its versions of the game with

Lavish and Luxurious Hotels – Must visit!

  Hotels are for foodies. Really? No! Luxury is also expected from Hotels now and there is no paucity in the lavishness of the grand hotels. Though, they are not afforded by common people, yes, but they do attract everyone and requires a must visit. Hotels are for travelers and tourists. But some people visit places just to experience the hospitality of these hotels. Luxury today has less to do

Food is Yumminess!

Yum!… Delicious.. wow! #iwantmore! … Are words completely connected with Food. Food, really tickles our taste buds. People love food, even food love people. Eyes and tongue work hand in hand for food. Though, people are crazy out there for lovely, tasty food. But, the food habits needs to be governed. Healthy food is in all way a boon but these trending junk eatables are in no way good food.