Rainy Day Nibbles!

Rainy Day Nibbles!

“Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day. “ ~ It’s raining outside and you can hear the raindrops going pitter patter against the window glass. You strain your ears to hear the splashing of the rain against the sidewalk. It is at that exact moment you realize that the Monsoon season has truly arrived. With the advent of the rains, you can hardly go out to eat as you

Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani

Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani has a lot of specialty and particularly it is famous all over the globe. The name Biryani is  originated from a Persian word Beryan which refers to frying or roasting. Biryani is made out of fine basmati rice. The word Biryani itself enhances the feeling of joy and comfort. No one in the world want to ignore biryani, especially Hyderabad dum biryani has much more craze

Cake, Lovin’ it!

Cakes… Are they only for Birthday occasions? Not Really. Cakes are such mood changers. They are irresistible. We love cakes and they love us. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love cake. Everyone fancies it and Chocolate cake, its like king of all. Just so delicious. Eating a chocolate cake simply makes our day so effortless. They are yum, rich, creamy, fluffy, soft and what not! The

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With An Egg Less Chocolate Cake !

There are hardly any people in the world who can possibly say no to a chocolate cake, and if this holiday season you want to learn baking, then this is the cake you should begin with. Chocolate cake is something that nobody can resist, and therefore, it is the safest and tastiest choice of cake to bake for functions, birthday parties weddings and anniversaries. And this is the reason why

Fun facts about honey – the wonders it can do!

The negative impacts of redefined sugar have been too many to count but this does not imply that anything that is ‘sweet’ is harmful. There are numerous natural alternatives of redefined sugar which can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and the cute little honeybee! These do not have any sort of poor effect on one’s health and rather provide nourishing nutrients to the body. Honey has been in use since

Moreish Wanderings Part-I: Bengaluru

If you really wish to get-away from the stereotypical venturing of ‘popular’ places and join me in my gastronomic peregrination through an array of exotic spaces hid within the heart of one of the most popular urban destinations, your very own B’lore and discover for the ultimate “experience of the unknown”, then here’s your chance! Bengaluru, commonly known as Bangalore or B’lore, which is ‘usually’ adorned with various titles of-the

Milk – The Wonder Drink

Milk is a white liquid which is produced by mammals. The milk so produced by farm animals is used as a food item by humans. According to statistical records in 2011 about 730 million tones of milk was produced all over the globe. India is considered to be the biggest consumer as well as producer of milk. Milk can be considered as complete food as it is filled with all

Food from USA- Personal List!

One visit to America and a foodie who has grown with likes of Noddy and FRIENDS and Big Bang theory, reaches the seventh heaven itself. Having all the preparations one see in sitcoms and cartoons come to life is a different experience all together and here I share with you the what and how of my tummies journey through four states. This list is not exhaustive or innovative per say,

Summer Specials: Sweet And Spicy Watermelon Recipes

When you think about summer, all that comes to your mind is the picture of “scorching sun, large ice cubes and watermelons!” Being the fruit of the summer and also so sweet that it could even be served as a dessert, these watermelons not only act as the body hydrating “thirst-quenching” factor but also serve other health benefits. People generally assume that it has only water contents and nothing more.

Street Foods: India’s Epicurean Delight

India is rightfully the hub of multiple cuisines for diverse variety of food that it offers. Apart from the respective local cuisine of every area, the street food here is omnipresent and is the connecting link between northern and southern parts along with eastern and western parts of India. In almost every part of India, you come across a food shack after every five minutes. Every state has a different