Beauty of the feast!

Beauty of the feast!

World consists of human divided by infinitesimal differences by region, religion, nation, race, caste, color, creed and what not. Things like globalization would be impossible to think of if we would not have been able to find the common binding factor among the differences. India here very well stands for its world known diversity which had stood as one against the tests of time. Apart of being multicultural from the

Street Food Made Easy Part-1

They say that temptation was the fall of man. Well, the Bible does anyway. It relates how Eve and Adam gave in to temptation when falsely lured by the Serpent and how they bit into the Forbidden Fruit. Despite being forbidden repeatedly, their greed was predominant. And this small act of temptation signified their fall from God’s grace and the Garden of Eden. One such similar temptation when it comes

How Food Affects your mood

It’s a known fact that fast foods are harmful to your health. It has been well documented and has been explained a lot. But you might be surprised to know that eating the wrong food might affect your mood severely. Recent researches have shown that the food you eat adversely affects your mood and it is necessary to eat foods which have certain nutrients which are called “happy nutrients” to

The Dairy Industry-Not so White!

The Indian Dairy Industry is the fastest growing milk and milk product industry in the world. India is the leading producer of dairy products in the world. India with 134mn cows and 125mn buffaloes has the largest population of cattle in the world. More than fifty percent of the buffaloes and twenty percent of the cattle in the world are found in India. Dairy products are a major source of

Potato chips

A potato chip is nothing but thin slices of potatoes which are dried in the sun and then fried in hot oil to become nice, crispy and a ready to eat snack. For health conscious people these slices of potatoes are baked rather than fried in oil. Earlier potato chips were available in only one flavour that was salted but with time, changes occurred both in production technologies and taste

The Indian Dhabas

In simple terms Dhabas is the title given to roadside restaurants in India. These restaurants are found in highways and other remote regions. The main idea for the opening of these restaurants was to feed travelers and truckers who travel from one region to another to transport goods. In olden days Dhabas were a source of refreshment as they provided a home like ambience combined with tasty food and drinks.

Street Food

In simple terms, street food can be defined as the food available in the streets. It’s basically ready-to-eat food which is prepared by local venders and then sold to the consumers. The business is carried out in a food truck or a cart where the food is prepared. Mostly regional in nature however there are a lot many venders who venture out into different cuisines in order to expand their

JUICY LUCY:The King of Burgers.

Delhi Heights. The size of a quarter plate,the width of about two and half inch,this giant burger called the juicy Lucy, stuffed with chicken,lettuce,fresh tomatoes and with an excess amount of cheese is probably the most loaded of all burgers available in India.The serving portions at the Cafe Delhi Heights are absolutely colossal and the taste and quality undoubtedly do take every possible measure to match the stature.A must eat

Eat a food Rainbow and Colour yourself Healthy!

Aren’t this is Exciting? What is it with food Rainbow. Something that is Truly colorfully healthy! Eat a food rainbow refers that you should make sure that you have red, greens, yellows and all the bright colours on your plate. Nature is full of colours and colours are such a positivity in itself. Same as your wardrobe has so many colorful clothes and so much versatility to make you look

Chicken Manchow Soup

Soup is a form of liquid food that is mostly taken before lunch as a starter.It is made by using various ingredients vegetables,meat,corn,tomatoes,water also.These ingredients are boiled along with these items and the flavor or juice that comes out of it is extracted and served as a soup.Single bowl of soup makes our taste buds feel yummy and delicious.The word soup is originated from Sanskrit Su and Po which means