Go nuts for peanuts

Go nuts for peanuts

Peanuts, probably to be cultivated in the lands of Paraguay first, are not at all nuts but belong from the legume or pea or bean family. They are harvested from underground unlike other nuts which are formed on tree like almonds, and cashew. Also known as groundnuts, they are a healthy source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Though they have proven to be a health hazard to some people as

Refreshing Fruit Drinks

With the sun scorching from the high beating all of us down with its immense power we all are in an urgent need to have something which would quench our thirst as well as is healthy and easy to make. “Cool” is the new hot thing in this summer and we all are willing to get a sip in to these “cool” things. So here are some of the easy-to-make

The Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago is the world’s largest outdoor food festival held annually mid-July in Grant Park , Chicago. This festival was the brainchild of Arnie Mortan.. He decided to line up Chicago restaurants to participate and persuaded the Mayor and Commissioner of Cultural Affairs to block off Michigan Avenue for the first Taste of Chicago on July 4, 1980. The organizers expected a footfall of around 100,000 , but the numbers surpassed

Cancer fighting foods

CANCER!!!! Yes cancer is a disease which is known to almost everyone. It is basically a disease that is caused by out of control cell growth. Cancer today is one of the top reasons for causing death all over the world. So it becomes necessary to overcome with this problem and adopt the best possible ways to reduce it. Thus, cancer can also be termed as a life taking disease

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a popular tandoori snack which is a simple recipe. Paneer Tikka is a marinated paneer cubes which are arranged on skewerss,which are used for holding food and then baked in an oven.It is considered as one of the best paneer recipes.There are many varieties in paneer tikka to prepare.Mostly,paneer tikka is prepared on a tandoor and hence it can be named as tandoori paneer tikka but it

Food not to be missed – Part 2

The hair plays a very important role in proving the personality of a person. Everybody wishes for nice healthy black hair as this brings a different glow in the face. However due to the change in lifestyle and eating habits, not many of us have the privilege of having beautiful hair. Moreover due to lack of time giving proper care is also difficult. Zinc and proteins are some of the

Benefits of Coffee for Skin

At the present time the people around us are obsessed with the caffeine intake, be it tea, coffee, soft drinks, kola nuts, etc. Out of the other caffeine containing edible substances, coffee has a large number of health and beauty benefits, which most of the people are unaware of. Nominal intake of coffee is not only safe, but it is beneficial too. A common man knows the use of coffee

Foods not to be missed

Today we have so many options regarding the food items we would like to consume. From junk to healthy, we have a long list to go. However there are some food items which are important and not supposed to be missed in our diet plan. The foods we consume everyday have a significant impact on our health, growth and development so over consumption of the wrong kind may be harmful

Mayonnaise Lovers!

Mayonnaise is the  velvety thick sauce used in almost all fast foods like sandwiches, burgers and also in salad dressings is loved by all.  This is one of the essential part of Italian cuisine. In all places, mayonnaise is understood as a highly processed kind of sauce and hence people think it cannot be prepared at home. But they are wrong, mayonnaise can be easily prepared at home, the basic

A walk in Satya Niketan, Delhi!

Delhi, being the capital of exceptionally cultured country, India, is a one place destination where you get to see all religions, festivals, cultures, cuisines of the diversified land. There are hundreds of places to sight in Delhi. Be it the old monuments, market places, Delhi Metro service or street food, Delhi has got all to please and entertain people of any age. One such attractive element is Food! Around every