Touring Manipal and around

Touring Manipal and around

A university town located within the temple city of Udupi, Manipal has a vivacious history attached to it. Once, just a barren land with deserted roads, this town now boasts of a university campus spread across 600 acres and an astir crowd from all possible corners of the country and the world alike. The town derives its name for ‘Mannu palla’ which means Mud Lake, in Kannada and Tulu (the

Secrets of the Bengali Kitchen

The best part about cooking, as every enthusiast would agree, are the little additions and subtractions here and there that can make-or-break your dish. All those who have tried their hand at cooking Bengali cuisine know how particularly tiring it can be to get the dish “just right”. Bengali cuisine, like every other cuisine, has a feel unique to it. For a true Bong foodie, distinguishing between authentic and ‘almost-authentic’

The End of Good Folk: “Bihu Somrat” passes away to cheers of joy

  When I heard the news the first time, I was moved to tears. To everyone around me, it meant nothing. On June 13th, a person by the name of Mr. Khagen Mahanta passed away after months of battling an illness. To those unfamiliar with his life and field of work, he may be better known as Bollywood singer Papon’s father. Nothing can make a man prouder than the moment

Chocolates- the most loved of all!

We all are crazy about chocolates. There would hardly be someone who doesn’t like chocolate. It is not only delicious but also is a rich source of copper which makes hair shiny and beautiful. It is produced from cocoa seeds and classified according to a lot of standards and methods. You will be excited to know these interesting types of chocolates and their effects on your health. Chocolates can be

Almond-a complete food in itself

Want to know the reasons for which almonds should be consumed? There are many! It provides many essential nutrients which the adulterated foods today cannot provide. It’s good for brain, body and skin and great for hair. Here are some uses and benefits of almond that may make you interested in eating your share of almonds. 1.Hair There is not a single hair problem that almonds cannot treat. This is

Secrets of dry fruits

Dry fruits are considered as rich source of nutrients and are booster packages of high fiber, potassium and enzymes. Dry Fruits are dried out fruits and nuts. They have a lot of health benefits of which most of us are unaware that exactly what qualities they have. They are considered as the best way to deal with sugar cravings. It is beneficial to eat dry fruits every day to get nutrients and

Cultural dresses of Indian states

India is a great land of culture and heritage. India is a country of colors and cultures. Indian fashion is too much influenced by their background and cultures of the people. Traditional clothing in India varies with, religion, region and community. Each and every state of India has its own tradition, culture and lifestyle to celebrate fairs and festivals with these traditions.Indians have always given a lot of importance to the dress materials since

Culture of Mayan

                                                                                                   The Maya civilization, one of its kinds happened to be only as early from 300 to 900 A.D. It was the root

Here is why you should stop eating bread

Bread is one such food item which we extensively use in our daily life. It is prepared by mixing flour with water. The mixture obtained is then baked. If you will look at the history of the bread you will find its existence in almost every civilization. People find bread as the easiest food option available in front of them, so whenever they feel hungry, they eat the dishes made

Red Meat: Is it really bad for your health?

Red meat is certainly one food item which has created a lot of controversies and people are divided on the basis of their opinions id it sis good or bad for the health. When the red meat is raw, it is of red color and moreover its color does not change to white after it is cooked. There had been many reports lately suggesting that red meat is not good