Different Varieties of Tea

Different Varieties of Tea

Tea is a form of drink that is enjoyed by people in so many countries. Its popularity has been increased a lot in these years. People love to have a few sips of this amazing drink when they are tired and want to have some freshness. There are many different kinds of tea available in the market like Black Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea and many more. Even though they

Indian Cuisine

The moment we Indians hear the word food our mind gets filled with hundreds of pictures of herbs, spices, dishes, sweets and what not. In India its not just about eating to live in fact it’s the other way round that is living to eat. When our moms cook food for us it is not just about taste but also her love served in the form of food. All of

Tea: A Drink for Every Season

Tea, as evident by the consumption in an average Indian’s household, is most widely consumed drink- after water. Tea is found as an important part in every house and that is what I am taking about today. It is the only beverage commonly available hot or iced for every occasion. It is not just a beverage for the sake of drinking, but it also has numerous health benefits. Oolong tea

Why Coffee Is The Elixir Of Life

Coffee is a brewed beverage that is prepared from the roasted seeds of Coffea shrubs. Coffee is served worldwide in various forms. some people like latte, while some prefer the strong Espresso shots. Coffee is a beverage which can be had any time of the day, any time of the year. A hot cuppa coffee while you sit like a cozy puppy in blanket on a winter morning cannot be

Yummy Chocolate Recipes For This Summer!

  As Charles M. Schulz once said, ‘all you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.’ Chocolates make you happy. Eating a chocolate makes your brainssecrete those ‘feel good’ endorphins. Dark chocolates contain chemicals that protect you from cancer and other diseases. The caffeine content in dark chocolate makes you feel alive. Did you know that eating chocolates widens up your arteries and fosters a

Dances of God’s Own Country!

The National Geographic Magazine names Kerala among the top 10 paradises in the world. ‘God’s Own Country’ was originally a phrase New Zealanders used to describe their home land. The earliest use of the phrase was as the title of a poem about New Zealand by Thomas Bracken. God’s own country as a phrase was often used and popularized by New Zealand’s longest serving Prime Minister RichardSeddon. The etymological meaning

Cherries- sweet and sour

There are over a thousand varieties of cherries existing on our planet. The cherry is a fruit of a single seed and they are in the same family as the peach. It can be characterized by its small round shape and often slightly heart-shaped, this fruit grows in small bunches. Sweet and juicy cherries are included on the board of different varieties. These cherries are cultivated in the Northern Hemisphere

Let’s go for Coffee!

Coffee culture in India is not as old as that of tea. It is a westernized form of having a refreshing evening or asking someone for a date! Coffee shops in India are increasing from last decades and have gained popularity a lot, especially in young generation. The Coffee market is expanding at a very high rate every year. The market is facing tough competition with the new luxurious café

Rasgulla: The syrupy taste of India

Don’t you people got bored with the same khichdi and daal all the time in your lunch and dinner? Have some change and make your appetite more interesting and delicious..!! Go on and try some desserts, sweets, ice-creams. What can be more yummy and delicious than Rasgulla..! Rasgulla, the name itself can make you salivate.  The most historical and yummy Bengali dish is famous all over the country and also


Growing up in India “Acchars” or the Indian pickle has been a substantial part of my childhood experience. I would see my Mom and Aunts spending considerable time in preparing the vegetables, gathering the spices and making arrangements for their storage for days on end. A very tedious affair indeed!! But the end product makes up for all the trouble caused. Pickles are tangy and immediately add savor to anything