DU Darshan:the foodie trip in North campus

DU Darshan:the foodie trip in North campus

For a student at the Delhi University,especially as a person who belongs to the north campus,the variety of places to eat and hangout are well known.In the continuous debate between the north and south campus about what makes them so special,the eateries and restaurants,juice corners,snacks and momo walas add to the list of specialty at the north campus of DU.After every ten steps you shall find a momo wala or


As the FIFA fever is gripping the world with its flair and fast paced games, it makes us wonder where these players get their stamina from! Most of these players are from European and North American countries where the climate is entirely different from those witnessed in the Samba land. The temperature in Paris at this time of the year would be between 10-15°c which is much lower than the

Get hydrated with fruity Fruits this Summer!

Fruits are lovable part of the diet all over. These are naturally sweetened, flavored palatable to famish over whenever you want and the  bonus is the vitamins and minerals we get and other innumerable benefits. They are overloaded with vitamins and other nutrients and antioxidants and keep you fit, healthy, and hydrated and also the pleasurable feeling you get after the consumption. The refreshing experience of the fruits is irreplaceable.

Home made vanilla ice cream

Ice cream is a frozen dessert that is made from the dairy products like milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors.Most of these ice creams contain sugar and few uses some other sweeteners.While few of them uses artificial colors and flavors in addition to the natural ingredients.These mixture of ingredients are stirred slowly in order to incorporate air and to prevent formation of large ice crystals.The

Ten Minutes or Less: Food Tips and Tricks

We live in a fast track world where things happen like… whoooosh. There are mornings when one doesn’t have enough time to make a breakfast and there are nights when after a hard day’s work no one has enough energy to stand in the kitchen and cook food for one more hour. In the age when Pizza comes under 30 minutes, who wants to wait for 1 hour for the

Producing Marvels in the Cottage! – India’s indigenous industries

Talk of India to an American and the first few things that cross his mind will be great food, beautiful handicrafts and marvelous cultural heritage. India is known for its gorgeous art and craft forms, be it the woolen carpets of Kashmir, or the metal artifacts of ……, these form the pride of a curators’ collection. What makes them worth the value they have is the years of experience and

Kentucky Fried Chicken: finger lickin’ good

Kentucky Fried Chicken which is most commonly known as KFC is an international fast food restaurant which currently has presence in about 118 countries. This fast food chain is specialized in preparing and serving delicious fried chickens to their customers. Currently there are approximately 19,000 outlets of KFC in different parts of the world and this shows the enormous name and success this fast food chain has achieved since it

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are excellent source of vitamins which helps the body in functioning appropriately and so doctors often recommend people to start eating egg regularly. Not only vitamins, eggs are also rich in essential nutrients which are very much required for the proper growth and development of the human body. You should daily eat eggs to stay healthy. Some people just eliminate the yellow yolk which is present inside the egg


The connection between the body and mind is really strong, the way your body feels plays a great part in the functioning of your brain whether or not you experience a state of well being. Keeping your body free of toxins and other harmful nasty things will help you maintain a healthy living.               Thinking of doing a detox and wondering how to start?

Food Items Best for Children

For parents, it is very comfortable to purchase and prepare nutritious food for your kids but the difficult part is to make them eat it. It is a very difficult job for the parents to provide their kids with the necessary nutrients. This job becomes so frustrating because the parents can’t compel their kids to eat those nutritious foods.  These days’ kids are much happy with the food stuff like