The crowning glory of the Ruby red- Saffron

The crowning glory of the Ruby red- Saffron

Call it ‘Saffron’, ‘Zafran’, ‘Kesar’ or ‘Zafferano’, this spice definitely is a prized possession for professional chefs and home cooks alike. The most expensive spice on your kitchen shelf and in the world is also titled as the ‘King of Spices’ or ‘The Golden Spice’. Not everyone knows that Saffron is the stigma along with the style of the flower of Crocus Sativus, commonly known as the rose of saffron.

Wants to gain some extra kilos..??

In this Neoteric world, mostly people seem to lose their weight or lose some kilos, but there are people who want to put on some weight and gain some extra kilos. These are the people who are thin as a stick and for gaining extra kilos they tends to move towards unhealthy food or junk food. They believe that extra intake of this unhealthy food would help them to gain

All That You Are Seeking Is Seeking You!

Spirituality is all about finding your true self, isn’t it? It’s that search for ultimate happiness after which you attain that absolute state of peace. Talking of spirituality, reminds me of a song from the movie ‘Rockstar’, where the protagonist is searching for his real self! Jab kahin pe kuch nahi bhi nahi tha Wahi tha wahi tha Wahi tha Wahi tha Who jo mujhme hai samaya who jo tujh

Nuts about them!!

They have been around quite a long time and have become so common, people hardly notice their presence. They occur as plain salted, sprinkled with spices and coated with a tinge of lemon or as small pieces in odd shapes, deftly concealed under layers of yummy, crunchy chocolate, their taste easily identifiable. According to records, peanuts have been a very tasty part in mankind and have evolved along with them,

Famous Cheese Recipes for Cheese Lovers

Think about Cheese and the image which comes to our mind is melted cheese on pizzas, vegetables covered with melted cheese, cheese sandwich etc. The list is endless. Cheese is popular all over the world and is one of the ingredients loved by each and every heart. A person who loves cheese is entitled as turophile. In ancient times, there had been a special kitchen in Rome, which is especially

Worried About Hair Falls! Try These Foods

Hair loss is a major concern these days. What we apply on our locks is not the only thing that leads to strong and healthy hairs. The perfect balanced diet also plays a significant role in this matter. Similar to each and every other bit of the body, the strong hairs can be determined by the nutritious diet.  When our body is disadvantaged from the necessary nutrients then our body

5 Things you gotta know about Meditation

Whenever “MEDITATION” word crosses any where we tend to imagine Yogis or mental training. That doesn’t mean meditation don’t involve them in the picture, it’s just not the whole scenario. Yes! Meditation is needed. Why? It’ll be discussed further in the post, but let us first free ourselves from the preset definition of Meditation in our minds and start from the basic. One of the defining features for living beings

All about Red wine

It is often said that bread and wine completes one’s supper. Though bread, a solid food, satisfies our hunger, our stomach is more like a churning machine, digesting food and supplying the body with the required nutrients and so, in addition to the digestive juices it secretes; it does need a little extra lubricant at times, to completely break the food down. Wine, when taken in measured quantities along with

Sway the Ballroom Way!

Dance is a way of life! People are rarely wrong when they say this, as dance expresses many lively aspects and emotions. Be it love, anger, disputes, chastity,  entertainment, surprise, bliss, sadness; dance can represent every shade of human emotion.   The movement to a rhythm is emotionally soothing and one confers a sense of accomplishment. Dance helps one to build confidence and express oneself; two things that every individual finds

Delicious Food Culture of India

India has one of the most colorful and aromatic cuisines in the world. Varieties of Indian food is countless. The Traditional Indian food is widely appreciated for its fabulous use of spices and herbs. Indian cuisine is famous for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from state to state and region to region. Indian food has many crown jewels which are hidden in many homes in Indian villages