The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen

The word ‘soup’ is derived from the French word ‘Soupe’. Soup is generally a liquid food, served warm or cold, usually as the first course or entrée, i.e., before the main meal. A ‘soup kitchen’ refers to a place which serves any prepared food to the homeless. Here, I have used the term merely to signify a kitchen where soup is cooked and served.   My very first soup was

Utterly, Butterly, flavourly…Butter!

People, simply love it. The Butter. It is rich, creamy, lush and appetizing; making everything soft and mouth-watering. This exquisite thing, called Butter is just lovely and elegant. You can put it on anything, solid or melted and taste miraculously improves just by the little addition of it. In Indian culture, it has gained so much popularity because Lord Krishna loves it so much and the Janamashtami festival reminds us

Simple Side Dishes!

A side dish is as important as the main dish. Simple Sides add on to the value and taste of the star of the meal, that is, the mains. Without them, the mains might have lost a considerable amount of their zing. Be it mashed potatoes, baked beans, dinner rolls, couscous, rice, bread, macaroni and cheese, salads, baked potatoes, French fries or soups – all are delicious sides and compliment

Keep Munching and still lose weight!

Yes, I know eating anything without getting worried about gaining weight is like an unaccomplished dream for many. It is natural if you are body shape conscious, you will obviously consider how many fat and calories you are taking in. The obesity outbreak has reached everywhere and people are trying hard to apply course of action to control their sweet tooth and other food cravings. But if I say you

Treat From The South!

Think of South India and the first thing that comes to the head of a North Indian like me is the yummy ‘Idli and Dosas’. But what else do we know about South Indian cuisine except the fact that it is amazingly delicious. But there is a lot more to know about our favourite cuisine.   South India being hot and humid climatically, gets rain in abundance each year and

Delicious Chicken Recipes

Indian chicken dishes are known and famous world over for mouthwatering tandoori varieties, tikkas, curries and gravies. Pakoras and chicken tikkas are served as starters. One of the most loved meats in India, chicken cooked in fiery desi flavors is a treat for the senses. Breathe in the aroma of traditional rustic spices – a sprinkle of cinnamon, the spark of garam masala and the heat of the Kashmiri chillies.


Almost everybody has computers or if not then mobiles make sure they do have internet access. Gone are the days when we used to stay in the crowd outside the mall or shops having 50% sale on the items. Malls have become more like a hangout spot and there is little countable stuff that you can’t shop for online. For the internet savvy generation of ours we don’t prefer to

Not a nut, but a fruit!

The human body is like a machine in its way of functions.  It is a common known fact that a machine heats up when it does work. So, to cool it, a suitable coolant is used and the most common that is naturally available, is water.  Similarly, the human body also needs water to cool itself down and to maintain its normal temperature. Earth is the only known planet in

Food Walk – Part I

Photo Walk. Sure. But how many of you have heard of “FOOD WALK”?   Food Walk (definition): You walk. You go places. You try out different delicacies. You eat, eat and eat. Your knowledge of food increases tenfold. Your waist-line – not so much, since you are literally walking the whole way and that makes up for all the calories you intake.   Going around the city with my friends

Rice Is Nice!

Rice is a part of the Bengali’s ‘Mach Dal Bhat’ and most of us have had it for a better part of our life – Rice for dinner. Rice for lunch. For some, rice for breakfast too. It is the staple food of Bengal. And it goes well with a myriad of delicious sides. Rice can be cooked in various ways. It can be steamed, boiled, spiced up, etc. it