The Red Velvet Cake

The Red Velvet Cake

Cooking is a story. Baking is another. It is chemistry. You need a great amount of skill, concentration and experience to excel at it. But, wait! You wanted to bake a cake for your mother’s birthday and the first lines of my article are kinda letting you down!? Well, in that case, you need not worry. Why fear when I’m here!Woo – ah-haha!!! (Yikes, got a bit carried away!) Anyways,

5 Table Etiquettes You Must Follow

Table manners or etiquettes are a set of rules that one must follow while dining,whether at one’s own place, in a restaurant or at somebody else’s place. Different cultures have different set of norms and rules for table etiquettes. Within a particular culture too, table manners differ from family to family, at times. Dining etiquettes are present to maintain social decorum and standard. In addition to that, it helps in

4 Things North Indians Can Never Get Tired Of Eating

Go to Delhi. You will find loud behaviour, devil-may-care attitude, style that could even make a Parisian resident feel ashamed, music that is fully capable of destroying your ear drums and great food! Delhiites are known to be big foodies and theere is no dearth of memes online that describe this spect of theirs. There is one such picture on the internet that shows how a Delhiite visualises rest of

Jams and Jellies

Spread it on a finely toasted slice of bread or top some crackers with a dollop of this, and you’re good to go for a quick delicious snack! I am talking about jams and jellies. As a kid, my favorite dessert used to be vanilla ice-cream with strawberry jelly that my mom used to make as home. Having seen orange marmalade being made at home, I have grown up having

Benefits of Milk

Milk can be generally defined as the white liquid substance that can be produced by mammary glands in mammals.This is mainly used as a primary source for the months babies and mammals as they cannot able to digest other types of food items.Milk is the a liquid like substance that contain colostrum which is helpful in carrying parent antibodies to the child and reduces the risk from many diseases in the

Hyderabadi Haleem recipe

Haleem is a dish that is made out of wheat, barley, meat ( Generally made up of mutton ) but sometimes it is made out of chicken along with the lentils and spices.Generally this dish takes too much time for preparation around seven to eight hours, so that it leads to the formation of a very soft paste like substance by blending the flavors of spices, meat, barley and wheat.This dish is very famous