Snacker Crackers

Snacker Crackers

Hello foodies! Very often, we find our stomach craving for something tangy yet tasty during some lazy evenings. It is that time of the day when you want something to casually munch on or just keep the appetite going before your yummy dinner meal is served. Even more, there are often instances of friends or relatives coming over for a short visit and you have to cater to them too.

Treats on Streets

How often is the case when you just want to forget everything and hog on the food available on the streets? I’m sure, if most us are truthful, there have been a lot of times when we have been tempted to just let go of all the hindrances and dive into the endless variety available out there. Street food is a great escape for people tired of cooking at home,

Food: Around The World

How often has it been the case when you have craved to try something other than the regular Indian food? Very often, isn’t it? I’m sure most of you will agree. But then again, this takes away nothing from the fact that Indians love their traditional dishes and it will always be the first choice, wherever they go. Trying and experimenting is a part of human nature and there is

Food to Work-Out With

So, you have been toiling for hours in the gym now in search for a hot-bod that will make everyone stand up and take notice. However, is it taking more time than you thought? Well, just increasing the time you spend in the gym stretching those muscles is not enough. What you also need along with it is a strict and healthy diet. While you need to cut out on

Seafood – new food to not shirk away from

Seafood- now that is something a lot of people have a number of opinions on. Some like shell-fish, some don’t. Some are allergic to prawns and then there are some who are awkward and grossed out at the idea of eating an octopus. If you can be daring to test a variety of tastes for the sake of enjoying a gastronomical delight, seafood is not a bad option. Technically it

Salads-Way To Good Health

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy these days?I sure want to!,but when it comes to staying fit and healthy people always think about dieting and exercising.Well exercising is something anyone can tolerate but what about dieting?Its nearly impossible for a foodie to diet.When it comes to diet it is always assumed that one must consume healthy food i.e to avoid oily and fatty substance,which definitely covers up all the food

Tea Time: The Varieties

The monsoon has arrived and its time for tea!.Who doesn’t like a cup of tea in this weather be it what time.Okay,now that we speak of tea here do we even know how the tea was introduced?It is said that a jaded Chinese emperor was sitting under a tree with a bowl of hot water,when a leaf of wanton tree fell in it.It is assumed that it happened 2,737 years

Vegetarian Menu Planning

So how do vegetarians put a meal together? It’s really not difficult at all. You may have to play around a little, until you find combinations of tastes and textures that appeal to you, or until you feel confident that you know how much food or how many dishes to prepare to feed your family or guests. But don’t overextend yourself: most vegetarian food is remarkably satisfying. If you fix

Meals with Meat – The Protein Issue

People eat meat from habit, custom, tradition, and as a way of proving to themselves and to others that they can afford it. And they also eat meat for the way it tastes, and for protein. Habits can always be changed, new traditions forged. While nothing exactly replaces the taste of meat, there are plenty of delicious, and habit-forming, alternatives. Many long-time vegetarians, in fact, find that the flavour of

Meals make our day!

“Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper” is a well-known saying in most homes and schools. How does it work? How does a king eat? How does a prince eat? Do paupers even eat?! In this very fast world, breakfast has become an almost forgotten meal for everybody. Be it a school going child or old men and women, brunch and lunch are mostly