Mad Over Donuts!!

Mad Over Donuts!!

A lovely box of donuts can brighten a day, is what is the mantra of the new upcoming stores like m.o.d ( mad over donuts) and dunkin donuts, which are known to have made a special place in the food industry recently in this decade. Doughnuts or more precisely now called as donuts, could be categorized either into a dessert food or a fried confectionery. This deep- fried lip smacking

Tasty, Tangy Tamarind!!

Tamarind or scientifically better known by the name Tamarindus indica is an edible fruit, enclosed in a pod which is extensively used round the world in a large number of cuisines. The reddish brown, curved seed pods of a lovely tree hold the several large seeds encased by moist, sticky, dark brown flesh that might range from a sweet to sour taste. Inside, the pod of the tamarind is a soft, brown

Fascinating Food Facts!

C’mmon! You all Foodies. You love food, I love food, We love food, All love food. But do you know the superawesome, amazing, unbelievably true random facts about food. Some of you may be say Yes, while others aren’t so aware. But here’s some bizzare facts about the food you swallow, that tickles your tastebuds, satisfy your cravings and love you back. In the world of food, some are healthy,

Sankalp: The Home of Delicious South Indian Cuisines

Today we have so many South Indian food serving restaurants in different parts of the country, but none is more popular than Sankalp. The success story of this Indian restaurant is really incredible. The style and broad range of dishes present in the menu of this restaurant is nonpareil. One of the main reasons of their popularity is the presence of the innovative food items in their menu. The experts

Enjoy this monsoon with hot and crispy Pakoras

Monsoon is here to make the whole environment vivacious with its drizzling effect and make it lively. Monsoon comes with different flavors and have lots of fun embodied in it. For example for children it is the time to sail their handmade boats, for farmers it is like a blessing and some people enjoy the tiny droplets falling over the ground. So different people enjoy this season in their own

Universal Truths in Nutrition That People Actually Agree On

There are lots of controversies on the facts about the nutrition. People generally believe in what they hear without authenticating the source and consider the facts as truths. It is a common human tendency and happens with almost everyone. You hear the views of the elders or some learned person and try to follow them without making any efforts to make sure that the facts mentioned are correct or not.

Nature’s candy-date palm

They grow in hot places like deserts and are among the freshest dry fruits. During their growth, these fruits tend to produce a lot of sugar, which crystallizes in the hot sun. This crystallized sugar slowly soaks the outer skin of the dates thus making them soft and chewy to eat. It is the presence of this sugar which makes them so sweet earning them the name of nature’s candy.

Go on and try some Bread based meal

Bread is one of the oldest foods which people use in their daily life. It is available all around the world anywhere and anytime. It is the simplest and the easiest option available to the people whenever they are hungry and are not in a mood to do any type of effort. It is a type of staple food which is prepared by mixing water and flour together. The dough

The So Called Heart Healthy Food Which Can Actually Clog Your Arteries!

You must have been often recommended by your doctors or elder to eat those food items which offer essential nutrients and minerals required by the human body as it helps in proper growth and development. And in order to follow those advices you often go for those food items which have healthy tag on them. You choose food items which are processed or chose oils which have the healthy tag

Why are juices turning out to be unhealthy?

We all know that fresh fruits are very useful for our body and they provide us with various health benefits. We can ingest more fruits at a time by drinking fruit juice. Consumption of juices of various fruits as well as vegetables is very prevalent now days.  We normally think that drinking juice is quite advantageous. But there are certain demerits associated with the juicing as well. Lack of fiber: