The art of Chikankari!

The art of Chikankari!

Gorgeous Terracotta pots, the ‘tehzib’ (polite mannerisms), the famous ‘Zari Zardosi’, the Nawabs, the eloquent Urdu poetry and the lip smacking Kebabs…Do these ring a bell in your mind? For many of us, it takes us to this one place located in Uttar Pradesh around the Gomti River, which is known as Lucknow to the world! Arts and crafts form the heart of this city. Handicrafts account for a major

Meal is incomplete without Cereals

Cereals are the staple food in our meal providing unlimited benefits to our body and mind too. If one has choices available for healthy lifestyles, then cereals are the best choice you people can opt. The nutritional value of cereal is undoubtedly so high that no other food item can replace this staple item from our meal. It is highly rich in carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Cereals, being

The Mesmerizing Museums!

Human Civilization, across the vast area of the globe has been a seat of diverse cultural evolutions. The societies all across the world have evolved culturally, economically, socially, politically and spiritually. The change in values, principles, ethics and customs is reflected in the fact that all of us had been subjected to constant change through the processes of Urbanization, Industrialization and Modernization. From the Stone Age to the Modern Machine

Biscuits:Easy-to-carry and Easy-to-store

In this neoteric world every person from adults to children is found to be a biscuit fan. A pack of variety of biscuits is always found to be in your handbags. The time you feel hungry and have nothing to eat around you then take this out and fulfil the demands of your stomach for once. They are usually known by their different names like cookies in Canada and United

Monsoon Treats

The Monsoon brings with it the chilly winds and pleating rain. The beautiful weather, accompanied with just the right food, can make your day perfect. Here’s a list of the stuff you can hog, without having to worry about your health, and how it can be made! Hot Soups: Vegetable soups are a great option to indulge in the rainy season. Warm nutrition-packed veggie soups will not just help you

Potatoes: Goodness Unearthed

Potatoes are one of the cheapest crops grown all over the world.  It is a tuberous and starchy crop which belongs to nightshade family or Solanaceae family. It is considered as the most comfort food, whether it is in roasted, mashed or baked form. It is the only crop available throughout the year as it is harvested somewhere in every month of the year. It has listed its name amongst

Food in General

“Food in general” sounds really boring as the heading of a blog-style-article and I know that most of you won’t probably want to read this mostly because the title has this weird monotony inducing vibe to it. But I want to be clear about the body of this blog-style-article that it is going to be really useful, especially for the mothers and cooks in the house who love experimenting with

Food And Festivities

Colorful, exuberating, cheering…festivals in India are not just to mark a day of significance, but are a much-needed break from the exhausting work schedule. India is a platter of all kind of spices from the world, representing a potpourri of a variety of cultures and religions. Thus, every day in India is celebrated somewhere or the other! When it comes to festivities, how can one forget the profusion of various

Food Addiction-A real problem

As a kid, most of us were asked to eat a lot. Growing up in an Indian family, if the child skipped a meal it was a sin and the mom would never forgive herself for letting her child skip a meal. We were forced to eat and sometimes just because some of us didn’t like normal food our parents introduced us to the world of junk foods! Pizzas, Burgers