Meditating – The Third Eye

Meditating – The Third Eye

The attention is the outer expression of the soul. Most of the time our attention is drawn outside to the world through the senses. If we can withdraw our attention from the world outside and our body for a while and focus it at a point, known as the seat of the soul, we will find the inner light. The seat of  the soul is located between and behind the

Just Taste the Berries

Berries are the culinary fruits of  flora which means the plant or the tree which bears fruits from the flowers. Berries are basically called as aggregate fruits beause agregate fruits are formed from one flower which contains many ovaries in it. So,berries grow in bunches from one flower of the plant . These berries doesn’t contain any seeds inside them , they are just fleshy which can be eaten raw

Scrumptious fruits you must eat and their benefits

  Fruits are the ultimate natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins along with some anti-oxidants and other substances which are  very beneficial and essential for health to humans as a healthy diet. Humans and many animals are mostly dependent on fruits. Consumption of fruits in high amounts keeps us away from diseases like cancer,heart diseases,skin diseases etc… There are many kinds of fruits which grow in different atmospheric conditions at

Some easy pakora recipes

Pakora is a fried snack. When the weather is rainy and you have your family at your home then the best way to enjoy the monsoon is by making Pakoras for them. Different people of the family have different tastes so, here are some recipes for you to make the monsoon days more enjoyable. BESAN KE PAKODE-   Besan Ke Pakode is the most delicious snack dish made with besan,

Benefits of Pomegranate juice for health

Pomegranate is a thick skinned seedy fruit.The name pomegranate is derived from the french word “pomegranate” which means seeded apple.Pomegranates are originated in Iran and are brought to Egypt in 1600 B.C.This is not only used as a food source but it is also used as a medical source.Inside the fruits we can find jewel shaped seeds covered by a natural red rind.Drinking pomegranate juice helps our skin and hair


Mix and match these low-cal, energising options to create your own perfect meal plan that’ll slim you down. By letting you choose from a spread of meals that deliver health per day, drop kilos, makes you feel satisfied and get to enjoy your favourite foods. Every meal contain a fat fighting dose of fibre (an average of 25 grams a day), the nutrient that slims you down by filling you


We have come a long way since the days when veggies meant overcooked carrot and a lump of stodgy potato. It’s a great treat to have the list of food choices we enjoy nowadays. But the pretentious language that’s built up around dinning is enough for us to grind our teeth so hard that whatever we choose to eat will soon need to be consumed through a straw. Celebrity chefs