Different Lemonade Recipes

Different Lemonade Recipes

 In the hot summer season all that comes to our mind is cooling and refreshing fresh lemonade. It is a life saver in these hot and lazy days. You just need to have a good juicer and 10 minutes and after this all that you have is Fresh homemade Lemonade in your hand. It is very easy to prepare the basic lemonade, but when you have many options around like

Tales served in a plate!

Have a big party to host too soon? But are too bored of the clichéd party menus available (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Mughlai)? I have just the thing for you, that will surely elevate your stature to the “PARTY KING/QUEEN” and give you and you’re fiction-fellas the best time of their lives! Yes, give way to your literary gastronomy as I bring forth a list of fictional literary food

Unique cultures that exist around the world

A culture is said to be unique if it is said to have different types of food habits, traditions, clothing and culture when compared to other cultures.If we travel around the world, we can explore unique cultures and traditions.As culture represents geography, identification, lifestyles and much more,if we study about various cultures around the world we can encounter unusual things too. 1.Mourning of Muharram: Mourning of Muharram is one of

Chutneys are Yummy! Part 1

Often while having food, you find that the dish lacks a certain punch. A flavor so to speak. You wonder how to solve this problem. Well, worry no longer. There is a solution at hand which will leave your taste buds tingling in the process. What can that be you ask? One word we say in reply. Chutneys! Chutney (also translated as chatney or chatni) is a family of condiments

Donuts: Not a healthy Choice…

In any shape or size, whether they are round, square or twisted, these deep fried snack is always appealing and keep us reaching for more. The beauty of donut make us fall prey for them and we just can’t resist it. So, you love Dunkin’ Donuts? Is it your favorite place to hang out? Well, think again, because Donuts aren’t considered as very healthy choice. For a breakfast, it’s a

The Coolest Cucumbers!

The dark green, firm, cool cuke… cucumber which you just picked and put in your shopping basket is just miraculous for your health. This fruit is loaded with health benefits. Yes, I said fruit, because cucumber is not a vegetable but a fruit. I do know, that everyone knows well that cucumber is excellent for your body and is a must in salad. Heard this phrase, “Cool as Cucumber”. Probably

How your Fridge can Save you Money!

I know fridge is something you love to look at whenever bored or hungry. Fridge is exciting, full of food and all the variety. They help in food preservation and keep it fresh. Our fridge has everything from drinks to fruits and veggies to icecreams to frozen food to cheese to left out foods to what not. We love food, so we love our Refrigerators. If we love them so

Ganesh chaturthi celebrations in India

Ganesha Chaturthi which is also known as Vinayaka Chavithi is celebrated by Hindu’s around the world.It is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha.This festival is generally celebrated in bhadra pada masa i.e., between mid August to mid September.It is celebrated with great devotion and with peace of mind.It is one of the grand festival celebrated in almost every part of the country.On this occasion, each and everyone place a

Culture of Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India has a unique culture.People from different parts of the country have settled in Delhi.So, Delhi has a mixed culture of all the states.It’s culture is considered as the culture of India as a whole.As it is the capital city of India, all the political discussions and decisions are taken here itself.Delhi is a mixture of modern lifestyle as well as old traditions and values.Different

Culture of Nepal

Nepal has a unique culture which  has evolved since many years.It’s culture is greatly influenced by religion, architecture, music and literature.In Nepal, we can find various temples, churches, monasteries and many other religious buildings.There are many ethic groups, tribal and social groups in Nepal.Different type of festivals and practices are seen in Nepal.Nepal got its name from the Kathmandu valley as the founder of the  nation established a capital there in