Sketch it up with Charcoal!

Sketch it up with Charcoal!

Most of you must have heard of charcoal being used in the mud-stoves in villages for cooking and heating purposes. Many of us relish the grand barbeques that employ chunks of burning charcoal for that distinct flavor. Charcoal obtained from various timbers are used as industrial, domestic and metallurgical fuels of various grades all across the world. Activated charcoal is also used as a purifier or filter as it has

Under 30 Minutes Guilt Free Desserts Recipes

Nothing can be more pleasant and refreshing than starting your day with the desserts. Celebrate your season with this small package which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Here are some of the recipes: Soup with Creamy Banana Freeze: Quite surprising soups can be cold too. Isn’t it?? This is a refreshing cold soup, which is full of nutritional value especially Vitamin C.  During summers and late spring

10 Food Items That Keeps Your Brain Active

Health is wealth..!! When our health is concerned, we have to see its physical and mental aspects both. Along with hearts, joints, brain also needs certain special nutrients for its proper functioning. So here is the list of food items that keeps your brain active and stable:  Instead of wine, eat purple grapes: To prevent circulatory diseases, various doctors prescribe you to drink more and more wine. But simultaneously this

Win over the Festive Cravings!

Festive season is here and so are all the food delicacies. The mouth-watering sweets, lovely chocolate packs, attractive sweet shops, decorated foodie stuff is all around and resisting all this is a big challenge. Heart says have it all, have what you want and Head says No! Not a good idea to have it all. This constant fight between head and heart is ruining all the joy of festivities. Sweets