Easy Ragi Recipes

Easy Ragi Recipes

HISTORY Ragi, also known as Elusine corcana, has been cultivated in India as far back as 4000 years ago. Today many Indian states produce Ragi and Karnataka is the top producer with 58% of India’s export share. It is also known as Finger Millet in the southern part of India and Nachni in the northern side. HEALTH BENEFITS Ragi along with oats is one of the most nutritious food and

Every Day Smoothies !!!

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10 Scenic Driver’s drives…

Do you love long road trips? Yes, The long drives with awesome scenic views and spectacular roads. In this busy, impatient world, in this technology driven era, Reaching from Point A to Point B is often can be covered in few hours by airtravels, fly from jets and the metros. But that relaxing, meditating kind of long trip is something worthtaking. There are million of miles of roads paved by