The post informs about “4 Efficient methods to meditate” and is drafted after discussing all the Pros and Cons in the post before of why there is a need for meditation? For all the people down for it do need to know proper techniques and different types of meditation. As mentioned in the earlier post regarding meditation, it is not a onetime cure. It should be a lifelong habit. So after saying that, we should not be looking for any sorts of shortcuts to perform the task dutifully. Meditation is all about focusing your mind on anything that calms your mind, whether it may be listening to soft music or focusing your breath and stare on a burning flame. One can start either from baby steps to more focused approach or directly start with the demanding focused meditation.

There is no measurement as in which technique is better as all lead to the same result, it all goes down to what technique is one comfortable in. Just as you would be the one to practice meditation, you should be sure which technique resonates with your lifestyle and you. This will make sure the continuity of the practice for life long.

So, starting with listing below mentioned are some of the most efficient techniques to perform meditation mentioned in no particular order, But before that please not that information given here are just some brief introduction about different techniques and gist of the procedure.



One of the most popular meditation practices especially in the west, mindfulness meditation is about staying in the present moment.  Being aware of the moment and focusing only on one object while regulating your breath is what mindfulness meditation is all about.  Also known as Vipassana meditation, it is rooted from the Buddhist traditional practice. It is often used in psychological treatments to get rid of many mental conditions like OCD and anxiety.

A person practicing this meditation needs to only focus on the ongoing happenings around and in his or her mind, like emotions and thoughts. This awareness sure has to be approached with no mental judgments whatsoever.



Primarily originated from the Hinduism was later promoted extensively throughout the world for its deep spiritual approach. A very simplified practice rooted from the Vedanta, in Transcendental meditation a person needs to chant mantra or a sacred word and focus is on being uplifted from all that belongs to the material world.  Posture for the meditation is preferred to be sitting cross legged with back straight. This posture is known as “Lotus asana”, this asana is said to resemble a lotus and is said to encourage breathing proper to associated meditative practice and it also foster physical stability.


Another excellent technique to pursue meditation for the beginners, guided meditation takes an individual to a journey of guided visualization of different imageries and situations. The guidance usually consists of stories and set of sceneries described in a narrative sense. This technique is very powerful to experience one’s own psyche and thinking pattern. A person can truly introspect their daily activities and keep track of their doings and if they are doing it right through the regular practice of guided meditation. This will help your subconscious to solve some of the tangled issues which seems impossible to rationally be handled by the conscious brain.  The meditation exercise starts with resting in any suitable and comfortable position, and then the person has to relieve all the stress stored in the different parts of the body from the head to toe. After the relaxed stage is reached, person is usually guided through stairs and doors to reach a peaceful place where colors and lights heal the self. Individual is allowed to relax there for few moments and asked to resolve any issues or find any required answers from the conscious life. It is believed that in this relaxed and calm state of the body the subconscious brain starts working which helps to increase our ability to see a situation from different perspectives; this resolves half of the problems.


According to Hindu beliefs “Chakras” are believed to be the energy centers or spots are located at the physical counterparts of the major plexi of arteries, veins and nerves in the human body.


So, it is believed that opening and activating chakras will contribute to overall well being of an individual. In chakra meditation focus is given to the breathing of the individual while he or she is visualizing a spinning light that is connected to each chakra. Start from the root or base chakra (Muladhara) and then slowly move your way up through to the crown chakra (Shasrara). Each chakra has their specific colors.

At last, no method is difficult or easy to practice. They just differ in their approach. So, after finding the suitable type of meditation that relates to you, begin the practice! Meditation is not a onetime cure for anything and should be considered as a lifelong practice for the overall personality transformation.  It affects the society in general if the individuals in it practice the same. The increased awareness in the society is beneficial for everybody on our planet as the very process of meditation brings unity and brotherhood among people.