Gol gappe belong to the Indian family of street food which is found in almost every corner of a city. Gol gappe, which is the plural of gol gappa, are fried, hollow puris that are stuffed with boiled chick peas and potatoes and toppeed with some tamarind chutney and filled with flavoured water that has generous concentration of mint and some spices. Gol gappe are best had at a roadside vendor. Now, if you are going to lecture us on hygiene and health, let me just say, take a chill pill! Life is all about relaxation and enjoyment. We all definitely have eaten weirdest things on the earth which were not even edible, when we were little babies. Did we die? No, I do not think so. And come on, won’t it be a matter of pride to have “died of eating gol gappe” on your tombstone? Jokes apart, there are a great number of reasons that you should be aware of to put off that (facade of) hesitation that has gripped you. In this list, we have tried to point out some of these reasons why you should absolutely go and have a gol gappa, right away!

1. The Taste

The taste

Gol gappe have a crunchy texture to them. The hollow, fried balls are crispy and gel completely in fabulous way with the gooey filling inside. The flavoured water, fondly and simply called “pani”, takes the flavour of gol gappe to an entirely different level. The pani has a spicy and refreshing touch to it, which makes it a delight to have in any weather. Talking about the weather, it is monsoon presently and having a mouth full of gol gappa and rain drops on face is just the dream and beats almost everything in the world. It is said that little things do wonders and the humble chutney that goes into the preparation of a gol gappa defines the same, like a boss. The tangy taste of the chutney blends smoothly with the pani, adding an element of sweet to the spicy, making the gol gappa a snack to die for.

2. The Price


In today’s world, when the prices for a meagre cellular phone have crossed over fifty grands, we know that we are in a soup, a financial soup. We are living in an age where living by the budget is more important than living by the holy scripture. Inflation has been on an ever increasing rise since almost forever, so it seems now. It only makes sense to know of a great food item that does not burn a hole in your pocket and is as cheap as meagre Rs. 20! Having something to eat at such low cost is surely a great booster. the brilliant taste that one gets at such brilliant price advocates having gol gappe to a great extent. it is an awesome street food option and one of the very few ones which have stuck to the notion of being street food with respect to cost factor.

3. The Fun


The ideal and traditional way in which a plate of gol gappe is had is one where the gol gappa chef hands over a single piece to the customer, at a time and waits patiently until he/she finishes his/her huge bite. This old school way of having gol gappe cannot be matched by anything else. In addition to this, there are some more fun elements attached to eating a gol gappa and that is the way it is supposed to be had. You have to take it in, in one single go. Do not even think about taking half a gol gappa in one bite and the ither half in another. This is just as absurd as it could get and no to pleasing to watch, too. Gol gappe are of two varieties, one is made up of sooji and the other one is made up of atta. One reaches the zenith of fun while having a gol gappa that is made of atta because of the huge size that it has. Having an atta gol gappa in one go is a feat that everyone wants to accomplish and with a little bit of practice, can be, too.

4. The Perks


When you were a kid, you must have gone all crazy about the tazos that you could get with a packet of Lay’s chips. Now, when you are a grown up, you must be going crazy about the 30% extra discount that you get at your favourite showroom because of the platinum card that you possess. In both of these situations, the fact remains that we all like having something extra. Having perks alonside the main product/service is a privilege that everybody loves. Now, when you are eating a gol gappa, you have the perks of asking for some more pani because you know that it is never enough. Its spicy flavour would make you sweat like a pig but who cares! Why? Because another perk comes to your rescue in that situation. It is the privilege of asking for an extra papdi from the vendor and he happily gives it away. Try doing something like that at your high-end restaurant and you will be given the stare of your life. So, gol gappe come with some sweet, little perks that you must enjoy. After all, little things make you feel special in a way that is really sweet.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, ask that bhaiya to give you a full plate of gol gappe and rejoice!