Table manners or etiquettes are a set of rules that one must follow while dining,whether at one’s own place, in a restaurant or at somebody else’s place. Different cultures have different set of norms and rules for table etiquettes. Within a particular culture too, table manners differ from family to family, at times. Dining etiquettes are present to maintain social decorum and standard. In addition to that, it helps in maintaining a certain level of atmosphere whih does not make you puke over the laid out food. Bad eating habits are a huge turn off for everyone out there. Nobody likes eating with a person who eats in a way that is enough to induce a wave of killing spree inside someone. In order to avoid being murdered and public embarrassment, have a look at the table etiquettes you must follow.

1. Do Not Make Noise

Dont make noise

You are eating a lot of crunchy food. Chips and crisp lettuce are all that you have for dinner. However, that does not mean that you have to sound like an anaconda while munching them away. Imagine you are sitting on a table with your date having a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Everything is going pretty smooth and you imagine yourself having babies with that person but instead of the wailing of your future kid, all you can hear is Crunch! Poof will go those dreams! You do not want to be that cruncher yourself. You do not have to be too vocal about loving your food by constantly emitting sounds like “nyom nyom”. In addition to that, you do not have to open your mouth ha! h! ha! The first thing for table manners is not to make noise while you are eating. It is just not done.

2. Pass


When you are sitting on a table and you cannot reach that bowl or bread basket kept at the other end of the table, you might try matrix-ing your way through the table. No matter how cool that might sound and seem in your imagination, you are not supposed to do that. Nobody likes somebody’s sleeves dipped in the bowl of curry or a spilled glass of water on the table. It is thus important to learn to pass. You know you have been passing your time reading this article for so long, it is high time that you learn how to pass the bowls too. It not only makes eating less clumsy, but also helps in avoiding being stood up the next time you go on a date with the same person.

3. Let Everyone Finish


In almost all the countries and sub cultures, it is considered rude to get up from the table before everybody else has finished eating. You might have hogged like a ninja but you cannot expect the same from everybody. In some cultures, you cannot get up from the table until the host or the elderly person has gotten up. It is just a little sign of respect for the others around you. This sign of gratitude is one that requires you to just relax after having had your food. Now, who has a problem with having a few minutes to relax after you have eaten bucket loads of Butter Chicken? So, stay calm. Enjoy finding faults in others’ table etiquettes and feel like a Boss.

4. Use Correct Cutlery


Now, we do not mean that you need to know all the spoons and forks and knives that Jack is supposed to know in Titanic. But, at least you should not commit the heresy by dipping a soup spoon in you bowl of curry. And do not even think of eating your salad with your dessert spoon. You are an adult and you should be able to identify A from B. It is no rocket science and this much you can learn just by Youtube-ing the same. You should start picking your cutlery from outside and then use them for each course. If you are aware of the different kinds of spoons and their uses, who knows you might just impress the person with weird liking habits, sitting at the other end of the restaurant.

5. Move That Elbow! Nudge

Mind the gap

Do not think of me as a propagator of some Victorian norms. But, do not keep those elbows on the table, please. If you keep your elbows on the table, where do yoiu expect the person sitting next to you, to keep his/her glass of wine? Yeah, wine is more important than those non-manicured elbows. You do not want to constantly nudge the adjacent person unless you want to bring to their notice some quirky happenings around. On a more serious note, you need to keep your things within your space and do not intrude into somebody else’s. Be satisfied with what you have got, hungry fellow!