Want to know the reasons for which almonds should be consumed? There are many! It provides many essential nutrients which the adulterated foods today cannot provide. It’s good for brain, body and skin and great for hair. Here are some uses and benefits of almond that may make you interested in eating your share of almonds.


There is not a single hair problem that almonds cannot treat. This is the reason why almonds are used in hair oils everywhere. Almonds are rich in magnesium due to which it facilitates treatment of hair fall, dandruff, split ends and also leaves your healthy silky and shiny. Want awesome hair? Go for almond oils and consumption of raw almonds.



This is another great benefit that you can reap off almonds. It has been believed and tested that almonds help maintaining a good eye-sight and also improves it if consumed in regulated amount.

3.Culinary uses

Almonds form a part of many dishes even if almond is preferred raw or roasted. It is a common garnishing element for tasty desserts. Salted almonds are eaten as snacks and almond is also used to prepare baby foods. Pastry-fillings, halwa, mithai, curries are all incomplete without almonds. Also, almond oil is of great use for cooking some dishes.

4.Complexion and skin

Skin care is an essential part of every lady’s life. You don’t want to start looking dull and old. What can help you? Well, almonds definitely can! They are rich in vitamin E, A and B. Almonds make your tan go away, improve complexion, moisturize your skin, make it soft and healthy. It takes inflammation and skin irritation away. And the best part, almonds are great on anti-ageing, dark circles and wrinkles which is why they find a prominent place in skincare cosmetics. Removal of impurities and dead cells from skin is also a pro for you.


Almonds work wonder for heart. You cannot imagine how much benefit almonds can bring to your heart, besides, it also an anti-carcinogenic! To start with, it reduces bad cholesterol and risk of heart attacks. The flavonoids in almonds prevent heart diseases and damage to arterial walls. If this wasn’t enough, it helps maintain normal blood pressure and insulin levels in body. Isn’t it marvelous?


6.Memory and nervous system

Almonds have been considered royal food and great memory boosters since times unknown. It surely makes your mind sharp and efficient if consumed on a regular basis. Almonds are believed to boost the memory. It is not only good for brain but also for the entire nervous system.

7.Bone and teeth health

Of course, how can one forget its effects on bone and teeth? Almond has great reserves of calcium and phosphorous. It is mostly given to babies so that their teeth and bones come out to be strong. A daily massage of almond oil for little ones is a good practice.

8.Substitute for cosmetics

As discussed earlier, almonds are good for skin because of which they can be a great substitute to many creams that you apply for benefit of your body. Almond oil works as a good make-up remover and is also light on skin as compared to oily and sticky cosmetics. The aroma and softness are add-ons.


Are you fed-up of lip balms that are ineffective on your stubborn chapped-lips? The solution is again, as expected, almonds! Make a fine paste out of honey and almonds or simply use almond oil to massage your lips gently. You will soon have pink and luscious lips.

10. Digestion

Another advantage of consuming whole almonds is its aid in digestion of food. The rich fibers help avoid constipation and make almond a good laxative.

11. Blood and immunity

Improved blood circulation and stronger immunity may become your reason to love almonds. Its high dose of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients impart these great qualities albeit it’s small size. Almonds help fighting common infections and make your body energetic.

12. Muscle pain

Warm almond oil massages can make you get rid of your muscle sprains and pains. The stressed muscles relax beneath due to analgesic characteristics of almonds.

13. Nails

As we know, calcium, zinc and potassium are wonderful components of almonds which are great for healthy and strong nails. Massaging nails with almond oil leaves your nails strong, lustrous and infection-free.

14. Managing weight

Coming to weight, it’s always a problem, isn’t it? Some say overweight and others say underweight. Perhaps, almonds come to your help here as well. Almonds are a source of healthy fat which can help increase overall weight instead of gaining a sprouting paunch. Oh, are you the one who falls in the overweight category? Almonds have a solution for you too. They are responsible for decreasing body mass indices effectively. Consuming unsweetened almond milk, or whole almonds (they contain dietary fibers and almost all nutrients) do not deprive your body of essential elements but also make you feel full, thus making you avoid over-eating.










Now don’t you think almond is the perfect solution to all your problems? Go on and try it yourself. Almond paste is also an effective scrub for your face, by the way.