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Kathi Roll: A History

The Kathi roll is perhaps the most famous street food item  the city of Kolkata has produced. Referred to as the Kolkata wrap, it is a truly delicious item savored with much gusto. Essentially, it is a paratha prepared thicker than usual with a scrumptious filling consisting of paneer, chicken, egg or mutton. Offering wide variants to suit the taste buds of every individual, the Kathi roll is a perfect

A Look into the Paleolithic Diet

We have all at certain times felt the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle helps us engage in daily activities with the enthusiasm to give our best. Fueling our mental and physical faculties, it influences our capacity to perform well in different spheres of life. The Paleolithic Diet is a simple idea morphed into a lifestyle. It is perhaps the healthiest way to nutrition, in sync with

Whey Protein for Fat Loss

You have tried it all. You have made sure to get adequate sleep, rigorously followed your training routine, obsessed over your calories and your stress levels are astonishingly low. Even after all this discipline, you cannot seem to lose those last few pounds of body fat. The solution however might be found in a different approach to the use of whey protein as a supplement. Whey protein is a form