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4 things that make Gol Gappe the best

Gol gappe belong to the Indian family of street food which is found in almost every corner of a city. Gol gappe, which is the plural of gol gappa, are fried, hollow puris that are stuffed with boiled chick peas and potatoes and toppeed with some tamarind chutney and filled with flavoured water that has generous concentration of mint and some spices. Gol gappe are best had at a roadside

Rico’s-Adding taste to North campus

If you are a student of the University of Delhi and that too North Campus, then you must have thanked your stars making your life worth living by blessing you with innumerable cafes in Hudson Lane. Move towards GTB Nagar metro station’s gate number 3 from Patel Chest and you will find yourself on a street that is never tired. There are people going crazy for photocpies and then, move

4 Romantic Desserts That Will Take Your Heart Away

Romantic dessert…that just sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it? There is nothing better than the combination of two of the best things in the world, namely dessert and romance. Science has proved that there are certain fruits and other edible items that can turn on your mood and are a must have for that perfect date. we all know that chocolates and strawberries are great aphrodisiacs too. No wonder the

4 Italian Dishes You Must Have

The entire human race can spend all their birthdays thanking their stars for blessing them with this sect of super humans called Italians. Yet, they would not be able to thank enough. Be it the field of art, literature, sports or food, Italians have given us everything on this Earth which is amazing like hell and is sure to be forwarded to the progeny. If we talk about Italian cuisine,

5 Table Etiquettes You Must Follow

Table manners or etiquettes are a set of rules that one must follow while dining,whether at one’s own place, in a restaurant or at somebody else’s place. Different cultures have different set of norms and rules for table etiquettes. Within a particular culture too, table manners differ from family to family, at times. Dining etiquettes are present to maintain social decorum and standard. In addition to that, it helps in

4 Things North Indians Can Never Get Tired Of Eating

Go to Delhi. You will find loud behaviour, devil-may-care attitude, style that could even make a Parisian resident feel ashamed, music that is fully capable of destroying your ear drums and great food! Delhiites are known to be big foodies and theere is no dearth of memes online that describe this spect of theirs. There is one such picture on the internet that shows how a Delhiite visualises rest of

Why Coffee Is The Elixir Of Life

Coffee is a brewed beverage that is prepared from the roasted seeds of Coffea shrubs. Coffee is served worldwide in various forms. some people like latte, while some prefer the strong Espresso shots. Coffee is a beverage which can be had any time of the day, any time of the year. A hot cuppa coffee while you sit like a cozy puppy in blanket on a winter morning cannot be

4 Reasons Why You Love Samosa

Walk into the nooks and crannies of North India and you will not be able to find a single human being whose lips have not touched the crisp crust and gooey filling of heaven that is in a triangular shape. This lip smacking snack is none other than the humble samosa. We can just wonder why no Indian Neruda has written an ode to it! Samosa is a snack that