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The Nairs of Old Kerala

“You take on your house name?! Whoa, that’s totally cool.” I get that from many people all the time when they ask me about my funny sounding surname. It is bound to sound funny because it is not just a simple name of a person but the name of the hereditary house (tharavadu) of that specific individual. In other words, every person will have a house name and all the people

10 Pointers to keep in Mind for a First Date

We were all born into the Pop culture and we love it, don’t we? By definition, it means all the ideas, images and attitudes that were considered mainstream in the culture of the 20th and the early 21st century! ‘Pop’ actually is an abbreviated form of the word ‘popular’ and it was mainly used to refer to the genre of music called pop music from the late nineteen fifties. Well,

Happiness and spirituality

Spirituality is often misunderstood to be a component of Religion. People have this notion of spiritual people are the ones who are often seen visiting the churches or mosques. Then there are also the other kind of people who immediately picture an Indian mystic in a yogic position in their minds. Well, both these stereotypes are so erroneous that Buddha would be turning in his grave. However, it can mean

Is There more to Hinduism?

We are all very too familiar with our pantheon of gods and each day, we find youngsters rejecting the idea of religion especially when it comes to Hinduism since they find it absolutely impossible the existence of so many gods in such weird forms. ‘Weird forms’ is what we label these bodily eccentricities seen in our myths and legends. But, take a moment and just try to think outside the

Pickle Juice? Stuffed Mussels? Think Istanbul.

Istanbul, where the West meets the East is home to a variety of finger-licking street food. Its not just about their taste, their uniqueness is something that deserves mentioning. Every region and country have their own native, indigenous flavors and recipes. Nothing can be more interesting for a foodie than discovering the secrets of the kitchen of the famous Turks. Now, we are going to look at some of the