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My  love for Macaroni  is nothing short of profound .This one simple dish ,loaded with a sinful amount of cheese has so many memories and moments prepped upon it like tiny flowers in a garden . Savoury and erotic in true foodie terminology, it never ceases to amaze me .How can something so simple and uncomplicated give rise to the most mouth-watering and tempting of all sensations? As a child,


“I think cookies are unsung sweet you know?”-Bobby Flay. This delectable disc  that fits in your palm so effortlessly and melts over  your tongue,revealing  the sweet , buttery taste with each bite,it is indeed  an unsung sweet . God knows how many cookie jars have been emptied , those danish cookie boxes that had their contents  consumed in a mere jiffy and those numerous evenings that were spent with a


Surrounded by nine hills,the oval valley which was once a large water body,drained and unearthed by Lord Shiva himself ,the land where Lord Vishnu  is fabled to have arrived and is hence worshiped since times immemorial ,having risen up from its own ashes like the Phoenix ,behold Manipur ,the land of jewels. Mentioned at least four times in the Mahabharata, the land where the children of Arjun and Chitrangada reside,where

IN YOUR SKIN:home remedies to rejuvenate your skin

The non ending heat,blistering sun that scalds your skin,the ever present pollution and the intense humidity in the air.Such vicious conditions leave us shriveled.Besides the fact that the typical Indian choice of fair skin worries people and specially women,here is a fact,more than being fair,it is better to chase a healthy glowing skin.Skin health is persistently neglected,yes neglected,because usage of cosmetics and chemicals in the name of skin care does

DU Darshan:the foodie trip in North campus

For a student at the Delhi University,especially as a person who belongs to the north campus,the variety of places to eat and hangout are well known.In the continuous debate between the north and south campus about what makes them so special,the eateries and restaurants,juice corners,snacks and momo walas add to the list of specialty at the north campus of DU.After every ten steps you shall find a momo wala or

Your Guide to a Healthy Summer

With summers on their peak,sweaty brows, wrinkly and soaked collars and sleeves,it is but obvious that all activity slows down. The most blissful thing to do is relax in a cool room sipping a cool beverage.But well yes,this is the season of gross negligence towards one’s health as well.Your selective participation in the daily work(read as lazy attitude) in the summers has to be taken care of.Undoubtedly it sounds like

The Connaught Place: Foodie Voyage

Connaught Place,New Delhi. With people jostling about with shopping bags,women tick tacking their way in their heels or in simple flats,vendors who sell books,deal in Rajasthani cushion covers and bags,imitation jewellery being sold to a bunch full of girls and women who eagerly skin through the ‘collection’,posters of famous bands,celebrities  and  quotes , cold drinks and ice creams being sold under the burning sun to soothe that sweaty brow,nothing seems

JUICY LUCY:The King of Burgers.

Delhi Heights. The size of a quarter plate,the width of about two and half inch,this giant burger called the juicy Lucy, stuffed with chicken,lettuce,fresh tomatoes and with an excess amount of cheese is probably the most loaded of all burgers available in India.The serving portions at the Cafe Delhi Heights are absolutely colossal and the taste and quality undoubtedly do take every possible measure to match the stature.A must eat

Assam House Delicacy:Home away from Home

In the Fast Food lane we all have our certain set of experiments,hit and trials,favorites and the ‘do not order’ list,but somewhere down the line we have always longed for food that reminds us of home,if not exactly like our much loved ‘ghar ka khana’.In search of such food ,my friend and I set out towards our destination at Race Course,Assam House Delicacy.The Assam Bhavan harbors this really humble eatery

IndiJoe:Foodie dream come true

Behold!Here comes IndiJoe !Another page int he foodie diaries is about to be filled!A true foodie heaven(figuratively)has been uncovered from under folds and folds places and cities.Situated at the  Ambiance mall,Gurgaon,this food joint comes across as an actual foodie dream with an ‘all you can ‘eat buffet.You name it and they have it.Indian,Chinese,Thai,Continental,Italian,American,Mediterranean,Mongolian ,and so on and so forth.The list goes on and on.Where some other restaurants may claim to