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Pongal – The Harvest Festival

Pongal is a harvest festival which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Being a harvest festival it is also regarded s a festival of thanksgiving. For a farmer the time of harvest is a time of celebration because all his toil and hardwork finally reaps results. Since the farmer depends on the cattle, the monsoons and the sun, it is during this period that he shows his gratitude to the monsoon

Food Truths Decoded

Since childhood, a common statement, that is almost rhythmic in my head is having natural home made food, processed foods are not healthy. But isn’t it logical that natural foods must give us the feel good factor after every consumption? Then why is it that consuming certain such foods I feel just the opposite? I mean, we are all the same, but have you ever wondered why one cries while

Halloween and the Soul Cake

Halloween is a western festival which is celebrated on the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows day which is on 31 October. Though a western festival, it’s now celebrated all around the world. Halloween can also be termed as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve and marks the beginning of hallow tide which is the time of the year where we remember the dead, the martyrs and

Food not to be missed – Part 2

The hair plays a very important role in proving the personality of a person. Everybody wishes for nice healthy black hair as this brings a different glow in the face. However due to the change in lifestyle and eating habits, not many of us have the privilege of having beautiful hair. Moreover due to lack of time giving proper care is also difficult. Zinc and proteins are some of the

Foods not to be missed

Today we have so many options regarding the food items we would like to consume. From junk to healthy, we have a long list to go. However there are some food items which are important and not supposed to be missed in our diet plan. The foods we consume everyday have a significant impact on our health, growth and development so over consumption of the wrong kind may be harmful

Summer 2014 Mocktails

Come summer, come heat and sweat!! All one could possibly pray for in this season is either rains or a refreshing glass of cool drink. With the growing concern regarding health, many prefer to opt for the natural substitute to the drinks rather than the aerated varieties in the market. The problem is, natural is often least appealing. Fret not friends, your prayers seems answered. Here’s a refreshing mix of

Potato chips

A potato chip is nothing but thin slices of potatoes which are dried in the sun and then fried in hot oil to become nice, crispy and a ready to eat snack. For health conscious people these slices of potatoes are baked rather than fried in oil. Earlier potato chips were available in only one flavour that was salted but with time, changes occurred both in production technologies and taste

The Indian Dhabas

In simple terms Dhabas is the title given to roadside restaurants in India. These restaurants are found in highways and other remote regions. The main idea for the opening of these restaurants was to feed travelers and truckers who travel from one region to another to transport goods. In olden days Dhabas were a source of refreshment as they provided a home like ambience combined with tasty food and drinks.

Street Food

In simple terms, street food can be defined as the food available in the streets. It’s basically ready-to-eat food which is prepared by local venders and then sold to the consumers. The business is carried out in a food truck or a cart where the food is prepared. Mostly regional in nature however there are a lot many venders who venture out into different cuisines in order to expand their


Dounuts come under the category of confectionery food. These are famous throughout the world and are made in different ways. You can either make it at home or they are also available in bakeries and supermarkets and food stalls. Originally the shape of a Dounut is round with a hole in the middle. However we can also find Dounuts of different shapes with or without a hole such as ring