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Salads-Way To Good Health

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy these days?I sure want to!,but when it comes to staying fit and healthy people always think about dieting and exercising.Well exercising is something anyone can tolerate but what about dieting?Its nearly impossible for a foodie to diet.When it comes to diet it is always assumed that one must consume healthy food i.e to avoid oily and fatty substance,which definitely covers up all the food

Tea Time: The Varieties

The monsoon has arrived and its time for tea!.Who doesn’t like a cup of tea in this weather be it what time.Okay,now that we speak of tea here do we even know how the tea was introduced?It is said that a jaded Chinese emperor was sitting under a tree with a bowl of hot water,when a leaf of wanton tree fell in it.It is assumed that it happened 2,737 years