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Stunning Eco Friendly Hotels in India!

Heard of eco friendly hotels? No?  Okay, here’s what you should know and enjoy about these spectacular and breath taking places, other than their eco-friendliness of course. These hotels are very much in India and worthwhile for you to make beautiful family memories. They hardly lack anything that a normal hotel can provide you with. In fact, their luxury will stun you.  Besides, you get the feel of being in

Yummy-Street Food in India!

Loved by everyone and tasted by every Indian at least once in their lifetime, street food in India is always looked forward to. It is mouth watering and delicious. Its aroma is appealing and no one can forget the thwack of the “tawas” and spoons that one can hear during it gets prepared to be served! The jalebi-faafdas of Gujarat, chaat and wada pav famous all over Maharashtra, litti chokha

Best hotels you could visit in the world!!

There is hardly someone who does not like travelling and hasn’t ever dreamt of going on a world tour yet. But it’s not possible to visit and every city and if at all you happen to be in one of these cities below, here is a list of great hotels that are almost close to heaven. Luxury and ambiance of these hotels has captured hearts of international tourists ever since

Chocolates- the most loved of all!

We all are crazy about chocolates. There would hardly be someone who doesn’t like chocolate. It is not only delicious but also is a rich source of copper which makes hair shiny and beautiful. It is produced from cocoa seeds and classified according to a lot of standards and methods. You will be excited to know these interesting types of chocolates and their effects on your health. Chocolates can be

Almond-a complete food in itself

Want to know the reasons for which almonds should be consumed? There are many! It provides many essential nutrients which the adulterated foods today cannot provide. It’s good for brain, body and skin and great for hair. Here are some uses and benefits of almond that may make you interested in eating your share of almonds. 1.Hair There is not a single hair problem that almonds cannot treat. This is

Kill your stress before it kills you!

With today’s rat race at full speed, stress has become an unavoidable part of everybody’s life. Be it a businessman or a salaried employee or even a housekeeper, this evil troubles everyone alike. It is more than essential to combat stress before it breaks you down from within. There are few simple yet effective ways in which you can easily fight stress and keep your smiles in place. Here they

Indian Arts

India, our motherland is known for its culture and customs. We have a very colorful and rich heritage. Our country is the birthplace of various arts which are famous and celebrated all over the world.  Indian artists are famous all over the world. We should be proud to have such unique talents  with us. Here is an introduction to the bountiful and beautiful arts which were and still are practiced