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Mouth-watering Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata. The City of Joy. Kolkata. The land of literature and poetry. Kolkata. The land of ‘tok-jhal-mishti’. Kolkata. The city of history and heritage. Kolkata. The Cultural Capital of India. Kolkata. The city of street food. Food as we know goes hand in hand with culture. Street food- the very culture of which began in Kolkata and it holds great importance in the city. Unlike other cities where there are

Me and My Maggi

Who doesn’t know about Maggi? It has emerged as India’s Favourite Snack over the last two decades. People from all walks of life as well as all age levels enjoy this snack to their heart’s content. How many of us have pondered over how this product, which was so alien to the common Indian way of dining, has come to be so popular and loved by all of us? Here

Healthy and Tasty- The perfect combination

What is that one thing which everyone is complaining about these days? It is the Heat! Also, what is that one type of food that everyone loves to avoid? Of course it is Healthy food! So, what if we have combination of recipes that will help you beat the summer heat along with being low on calories and keeping you in good health? The youngsters nowadays barely get any time