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The Mirror Theory

  The world is a projection of our consciousness. The only way we can change the perspective of the people around us is by changing the way we look at the world. That simply means to bring about some change in our consciousness. Everything around is a mirror, a mirror that reflects all that you do or think. In every situation, every relationship, you would find reflections of your own

Rajasthan: The land of culture and heritage.

When the native tribes of Rajasthan sing “Padharo Mhare Des”, the guests feel honoured to be welcomed to the land known for its chivalry and etiquette and more than that, for its hospitality. From the time of the Maharajas, guests were held in high respect and even the enemies were treated with humbleness. What better greeting could a visitor want to hear that the enthralling tune of ‘Padharo Mhare Des”!

The pretty little butterfly! :)

“Happiness”! One of the most complex words to understand in the human vocabulary. And yet, each one of us runs to attain this intangible state all our lives. I wish I had a better partner, wish I had a new pair of clothes, wish I could buy a new car, and wish I had that job. Wish I had this or that and then I would be happy. But lets’

Cakes and History

We all enjoy eating those delicious, yummy cakes. Don’t we? The mere sight of that scrumptious, chocolate-draped cake (with that vanilla icing and cherry on top 😉 ) on a friend’s birthday party makes us yearn for a better, a ‘fit-for-gods” kind of a cake for our own birthday party!! When I was five, I wished for a super delicious yummy cheesecake for my birthday when my mom took me