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Ganesha Chaturthi : festive season that lasts for 10 days

Ganesha is known to be the most popular God in Hindu religion and Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated on the rebirth of Ganesha across the country. Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. On this auspicious occasion lord Ganesha is welcomed all over the country and confer his presence on this land. Ganesha is popularly known as the god of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. It’s a tradition in

Yoga for Everyone!!

Yoga, a thought itself creates a grotesque, twisted pose in our mind, but do you people know what actually yoga is apart from these senseless thoughts. Yoga is much more than these weird poses. Yoga has derived its name from the word yoking together, which means yoking of body and mind. It is a physical and mental exercise which aims to present our body and mind to the new world.

Under 30 Minutes Guilt Free Desserts Recipes

Nothing can be more pleasant and refreshing than starting your day with the desserts. Celebrate your season with this small package which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Here are some of the recipes: Soup with Creamy Banana Freeze: Quite surprising soups can be cold too. Isn’t it?? This is a refreshing cold soup, which is full of nutritional value especially Vitamin C.  During summers and late spring

10 Food Items That Keeps Your Brain Active

Health is wealth..!! When our health is concerned, we have to see its physical and mental aspects both. Along with hearts, joints, brain also needs certain special nutrients for its proper functioning. So here is the list of food items that keeps your brain active and stable:  Instead of wine, eat purple grapes: To prevent circulatory diseases, various doctors prescribe you to drink more and more wine. But simultaneously this

Healthy kick start

 In this neoteric world, people are getting lazier and less healthy. They make plans each and every new morning, but stick to neither of them. You may think that it’s very difficult to control your eating habits, but in reality it is very simple and easy.  Youonly need to plan your inexpensive, nutritious diet and stick to that. There are certain tips you must follow to remain healthy and start

Different Lemonade Recipes

 In the hot summer season all that comes to our mind is cooling and refreshing fresh lemonade. It is a life saver in these hot and lazy days. You just need to have a good juicer and 10 minutes and after this all that you have is Fresh homemade Lemonade in your hand. It is very easy to prepare the basic lemonade, but when you have many options around like

Uniqueness of Chinese Culture

China was known as Middle Country in ancient period and is recently one of the largest countries across the world. China follows a single time zone, even though it is spread over five geographical regions with varying time zones. Chinese culture and tradition quite, quite complex as the lifestyles of Chinese people quite differ from one region to another. One of the most important reasons for this mysterious culture is

Meal is incomplete without Cereals

Cereals are the staple food in our meal providing unlimited benefits to our body and mind too. If one has choices available for healthy lifestyles, then cereals are the best choice you people can opt. The nutritional value of cereal is undoubtedly so high that no other food item can replace this staple item from our meal. It is highly rich in carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Cereals, being

Biscuits:Easy-to-carry and Easy-to-store

In this neoteric world every person from adults to children is found to be a biscuit fan. A pack of variety of biscuits is always found to be in your handbags. The time you feel hungry and have nothing to eat around you then take this out and fulfil the demands of your stomach for once. They are usually known by their different names like cookies in Canada and United