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Potatoes: Goodness Unearthed

Potatoes are one of the cheapest crops grown all over the world.  It is a tuberous and starchy crop which belongs to nightshade family or Solanaceae family. It is considered as the most comfort food, whether it is in roasted, mashed or baked form. It is the only crop available throughout the year as it is harvested somewhere in every month of the year. It has listed its name amongst

Enjoy this monsoon with hot and crispy Pakoras

Monsoon is here to make the whole environment vivacious with its drizzling effect and make it lively. Monsoon comes with different flavors and have lots of fun embodied in it. For example for children it is the time to sail their handmade boats, for farmers it is like a blessing and some people enjoy the tiny droplets falling over the ground. So different people enjoy this season in their own

Go on and try some Bread based meal

Bread is one of the oldest foods which people use in their daily life. It is available all around the world anywhere and anytime. It is the simplest and the easiest option available to the people whenever they are hungry and are not in a mood to do any type of effort. It is a type of staple food which is prepared by mixing water and flour together. The dough

Jainism Rituals and Principles

Jainism, popularly entitled as Jain Dharma is one of the ancient Indian religions in the world. It believes in Ahimsa and follows the path of non-violence towards all human beings. It underlines the fact that all forms of life are equal. It basically derived from the root ‘ jin’ which means to conquer. Their history has been traced through the succession of the Tirthankaras. Jainism is partitioned into two major

Delicious Rajasthani Dishes

Rajasthani culture itself includes warlike lifestyles of its people. Along with the royal heritage Rajasthan possesses royal cuisine too. For mouth-watering aroma the food is especially cooked in pure ghee. Rajasthani dish is delicious to taste..!! Rajasthani thaali is a combination of two to three sweet dishes, several rajasthani curries, bajra and missi roti. So here come several famous Rajasthani dishes which need to be tasted if you haven’t tasted

Punjabi food : Heartily delicious

Punjabis are food loving people and their cuisine represent the same liveliness. Punjabi food, like the Punjabi culture is famous for its unique taste and colourful presentation. It is healthy and finger-licking at the same time and is one of the most popular cuisines in Northern India. One of the key features of Punjabi cuisine is the wide variety of dishes available. Even in the Punjab region a disparity in

Wants to gain some extra kilos..??

In this Neoteric world, mostly people seem to lose their weight or lose some kilos, but there are people who want to put on some weight and gain some extra kilos. These are the people who are thin as a stick and for gaining extra kilos they tends to move towards unhealthy food or junk food. They believe that extra intake of this unhealthy food would help them to gain

Famous Cheese Recipes for Cheese Lovers

Think about Cheese and the image which comes to our mind is melted cheese on pizzas, vegetables covered with melted cheese, cheese sandwich etc. The list is endless. Cheese is popular all over the world and is one of the ingredients loved by each and every heart. A person who loves cheese is entitled as turophile. In ancient times, there had been a special kitchen in Rome, which is especially

The most Refreshing Yogurt : Lassi

Lassi, a yogurt based drink which always leaves you wanting more.  In this summer nothing can be more refreshing than this coolant drink. Yogurt drinks are widely popular all over the world. In India people referred this yogurt based drink as “Lassi”. Lassi is also known as buttermilk is a traditional drink in India and Pakistan. It was originated in Punjab and is an age-old custom in Punjab to serve

Gujarati’s folk dance: Daandiya Raas

Dandiya is basically a dance form which was originated by Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. It was a symbol of Raas Lila between Krishna and Radha. But now it has become a popular folk dance of Gujarat. It is a custom followed during Navaratri evenings in various parts of Western India. During this season people gather together and perform Dandiya Raas. Dandiya Raas has become a substantial part of Navaratri festival.