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Probiotics : Teaming Up With Good Microbes

When Homo sapiens came into existence, the food they had, only came from plants. Gradually, people started eating animals. And today, we eat almost everything that is not harmful to us. That includes even the teeny- tiny micro-organisms, that are not even visible to us unless and until we have a good 40X microscope. When we think of these microbes, the first picture that comes to our mind is that

Food For Thought : Boosters and Busters

Ever thought about how food can affect how you feel and behave? Think about thanksgiving, that hearty meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of valium. Or think about a cup of mocha latte, there’s nothing like a foamy cup containing 2 caffeine saturated drinks, is there? And when you are feeling low, because of frustrating reasons like you run out of cash or you have exams, you

Midnight Demons : Counter Your Cravings

It is 11:00 p.m. You are watching T.V. Suddenly, a Dominoz commercial appears on the screen with their latest schemes and a sumptuous pizza flashes on the screen, and WHOOOSH…!!! U get severe hunger pangs, and well, you go to the kitchen, search for stock of chocolates, cakes or your favorite cookies to munch on. For most of the people, their midnight Maggi is the ultimate solace for these cravings.

Doctor At Home – Kitchen To The Rescue

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be in a doctor’s family. So what? Each one of you can be a doctor at your home. Well, the kind of doctor I am talking about doesn’t need a medical degree, he/she just needs a kitchen with some of the regular stuff a typical kitchen should have. And having kitchen in your house, is not that big a deal (for those who don’t

5 Disasters To Ditch : A Step Towards A Healthy You

Most  people think of their fridge as a nutritional safety zone, home to minimally- processed foods like fruits and veggies, milk, curd and condiments. But nutrition in the fridge is just confined to veggie box or main shelves. But look around inside the fridge, the door, the chill zone and the freezer, those small shelves, which, ironically, turn into the biggest attraction the moment you open the fridge. And they

Beating The Heat With Juicy Retreat

Think about sitting at a beach on a hot summer day with an ice-cold beer !! Wonderful, isn’t it? Well, it aches my heart to tell you that this is not a common scenario in tropical countries like India. The sole reason for this is that the summer season here, makes it very difficult for us to beat the scorching heat. And to provide an icing on this cake, we