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Taste a Bite of shahi tukra

Shahi tukra, a royal treat to taste buds at anytime. It is a rich and delicious Hyderabadi dessert recipe. It won’t be inappropriate to call it royal piece of dessert. It is rich in taste, aroma and flavor. Shahi tukra also called Indian bread pudding has its origin form the mughal era. Though mughal dishes demands a lot of time and preparation but this dish is way easy to make.

Cheesy and spicy Enchiladas- Puro Mexico

The intangible cultural heritage of the world, the Mexican food has a wide network all over the world. The life without Mexican food is like no life at all and I think this phrase set right here if we are discussing about the enchiladas, the world famous Mexican dish full of cheese and spices. Mexican enchilada has emerged as a, cultural and culinary phenomenon that goes far beyond than mere belly