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The Red Velvet Cake

Cooking is a story. Baking is another. It is chemistry. You need a great amount of skill, concentration and experience to excel at it. But, wait! You wanted to bake a cake for your mother’s birthday and the first lines of my article are kinda letting you down!? Well, in that case, you need not worry. Why fear when I’m here!Woo – ah-haha!!! (Yikes, got a bit carried away!) Anyways,

Maltese Cuisine – The Streets

” Food is the beginning of wisdom. The first condition of putting any thing into your head and heart, is to put something into your stomach.”- –          Ludwig Feuerbach   It is something you can’t resist.You NEED it.Maybe the models with a 69 cms waist don’t need it but , whatever! Food is everyone’s need and for people like me , well , its our crack!Food has had the likes