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The Culture of Convenience

The purrs of smooth engines and the coughs of not-so-smooth engines on the city streets makes for a perfect cacophony—the concrete jungle. With the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, it doesn’t take Einstein to realize that the modern youngsters are looking for convenience. Be it in grocery shopping, entertainment, housing, travel, relationships or even food; the one thing that would make up any rotten day is some convenience! And

Dieting or Die-Eating?

Oh, no. It looks as though you’ve had a row with the weighing machine. Again. What was it this time? The needle pointed five kilos ahead? What other options are there apart from running, yoga, swimming and various other exercises? Dieting, you say? Cutting down your food intake to a minimal? Are you sure you know the difference between dieting and starving? Unfortunately, many don’t understand what dieting truly is.

Monsoon Treats

The Monsoon brings with it the chilly winds and pleating rain. The beautiful weather, accompanied with just the right food, can make your day perfect. Here’s a list of the stuff you can hog, without having to worry about your health, and how it can be made! Hot Soups: Vegetable soups are a great option to indulge in the rainy season. Warm nutrition-packed veggie soups will not just help you

Sway the Ballroom Way!

Dance is a way of life! People are rarely wrong when they say this, as dance expresses many lively aspects and emotions. Be it love, anger, disputes, chastity,  entertainment, surprise, bliss, sadness; dance can represent every shade of human emotion.   The movement to a rhythm is emotionally soothing and one confers a sense of accomplishment. Dance helps one to build confidence and express oneself; two things that every individual finds

London Street-eats!

So you’re strolling around one of the most profound cities in the United Kingdom. Maybe you’re on a tour, maybe you’re new and just lost. Either way, a time comes when the stomach pangs demand you to do their bidding. Grab a bite to eat. Thus far, you’ve seen the Big Ben, The London Eye, The Thames River and even the Buckingham Palace, but if you don’t sit down to

La Cucina Romana

When in Rome, do as The Romans do.  Meaning it is polite, and possibly advantageous, to stand by the customs of a society when one is a visitor. But of course, if you’d rather literally do as The Romans do, whether or not in Rome, the best place to start is food. Tasting the various flavours of the place you are visiting is one of the best ways of saying