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Chandigarh on a roll.

Chandigargh-Pinjore-Anand Sahib Chandigarh, the city of French architect Le Corbusier, is best known for being India’s most planned urban developments. The shared capital of Punjab and Haryana, it lies at foothills of the Shivalik range and offers options for easy getaways. That’s what this itinerary is all about. Day 1: Chandigarh Get into town Arrive in Chandigarh and check into a city hotel that will make sightseeing convenient. We recommend

Exploring the heart of the Country: Part 2

Mandu, Malwa Region (MP): It is beautiful fortified city of the 6th century that has now turned into ruins of the past. Nevertheless, it still has the charm of the bygone era. With many different monuments to see around, Mandu makes for the perfect day trip. When visiting, do visit ‘The Darwazas’- the wall of the fort that surrounds Mandu has 12 gates, through which the road to Mandu leads.

Exploring the heart of the Country: Part 1

Amarkantak: A natural heritage in a unique sense, this is the town where the three important rivers, Narmada, Sone and Johila emerge from, helping the dense flora and fauna Amarkantak is blessed with. The town has a charming history mentioned in the ancient Indian texts. It is believed that whoever dies in Amarkantak is assured to have a place in heaven. You may not live there, but you can definitely

Jungle camping

Delawadi Jungle Camp: Madhya Pradesh ahs a lot in store for the viewers and the travelers even though it might not sound very interesting in the very beginning for reasons unknown or known as well. It is for reasons umpteen and reasons which have been tried and tested over the years and hence proved that it is called the heart and the heartthrob of the nation. Traveling gives another kind