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A Bowlful of Comfort: Healthy Soups for You

I was out this evening and it suddenly started to pour. That’s how it is in these parts – unpredictable heavy showers are a fact of life. I arrived home all drenched. An hour later, I was sneezing: I’d come down with a bad cold. That’s when mom came up with just what I needed – like moms always do – a bowlful of delicious, warm soup. As the warm,

Bring Out the Teapots!

Every time I come home to Assam for the holidays, I notice just how much the Assamese people love their tea. It is that first warm sip in the morning that gets them going for the day – and not without reason. Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, tea has finally caught the attention of researchers in the West,

Let’s Make a Healthier Pizza

The Dominos commercials may show shiny, happy people gorging on slices of pizza, but you’re nobody’s fool. You know the ugly truth. The dripping cheese that looks so tempting on your television screen is bad news for your heart and waistline. But if you think that means pizzas are to be absolutely cut out of your diet – no matter how much that saddens your inner pizza-lover – think again.

Your Guide to Surviving Without Cooking

There are days when you love to cook. You look up fancy recipes online, don an apron, and cook up a storm. Maybe you even invite a friend over. And then there are those days when you absolutely don’t want to. You hate the mess, you hate the fumes, and you really the effort required. What do you do then? Order a pizza? Eat out? Drive by a take-out? Any

Be Salad-Savvy

Salads are a great dinner option. They are not only filling and often easily prepared, but with the right ingredients, they can potentially pack in a whole lot of health benefits. But while urban Indian restaurant-goers are fast developing a taste for Caesar salad and Coleslaw, salads at home still mean a side-dish comprising a few cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes – chopped, diced, or sliced. The result: A boring basic

Maggi Mania

On Mondays, they serve Matar Paneer in the mess. But as my friend down the hall puts it, it is better described as “water Paneer” – a few peas and an even fewer pieced of cottage cheese swimming in a curry that’s all but water. Needless to spell out, you walk out of the mess feeling less than full. Two hours on, you fall prey to crazy hunger pangs. The

Drink Light, Drink Right

When the summer sun is up with a vengeance, there’s nothing like a cool, delicious drink to refresh you. But beware. Every time you reach for your favourite juice/soda/latte/shake, you may be ingesting more calories than you might be prepared to bargain for. So what do you do then? Would you put your weight loss plans on hold and gulp down a sugary drink and a guilty conscious? Or would

Festa Italiana: How to Eat Healthy at an Italian Restaurant

On days that you don’t feel like cooking, what do you do? For many of you, the likely answer is order a pizza. It’s true. The urban Indian audience has been fast developing a taste for Italian food. And it’s not just the promptly delivered, hassle-free pizzas that we go for either. For many of us today, bruschetta, pasta, and lasagna are standard choices when eating out. But what are

Let’s Taste Assam

There is one thing that strikes me every single time I come home to Assam: Assamese food, though little-known to people outside the valley, is more unique and distinct than given credit for. Assamese cuisine is a confluence of cooking habits of the hill folk that privilege fermentation and drying as forms of food preservation,and those from the plains that include the use of fresh vegetables and fish, found abundantly in its

Baking for the Vegan

The day you went vegan, you probably made the most responsible choice you’ll ever make. Not only did you refuse to partake in the unethical treatment of animals, but you also took a step towards a healthier heart and away from obesity, diabetes, and various types of cancers. And the bonus? You get to smirk every time your meat-eating friends express awe at your choice. Because there is one secret