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Haunted Hotels Around the World

We are programmed to receive. You can checkout anytime you like, But you can never leave! Does Hotel California by The Eagles send a shiver down your spine when you hear those words? Remember how Percy Jackson was stuck in a Hotel for 4 years and did not realize because time passed rapidly? The Shining – Haven’t you read/watched that book/movie and felt claustrophobic and terrified? What happens when there

Make A Subway Sandwich In 9 Easy Steps

We bake our own breads!  Where have you read that claim before? Yes, you got it! Subway. It is a multinational, franchise-based sandwich (primarily) store that appeals to one’s appetite. Not only that, it makes the nutritionist in us somersault with joy, as we realize that it’s healthy. The amount of veggies that a subway sandwich has is surely good for one’s diet. Ever realized how those veggies felt cold

Beverages To Keep You Cool This Summer

The 40 F plus temperatures, the scorching Sun, the long vacations, the sweaty bodies, the fast metabolism rates, the urge to sip-in or bite into something soothing – this and much more defines Summers. And here we are again! Can’t eat a whole lot at one go in Summers, the hunger pangs claw into your tummy post-dinner and post-lunch. What to sip? What to nibble? Something to cool you off!