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The Old Cham Of Bangalore

I am from Bangalore and my place is symbolic to the crispy masala dosas and filter coffee. But today the age old masala dosa hotels are replaced by the fancy looking fast food joints and the age old coffee bars by the likes of Cafe Coffee Days and the Barista. ‘Ondu cup coffee kodi’ is now replaced by ‘ Can I have a cappuccino please’ The advent of globalization is

Malnutrition in India

“What the people of the world want most and have always wanted is bread and peace.” – Patricia Young, UN General Assembly Food is an integral part of festivities, marriage and just any other function. It’s the food and only the food that gets talked about. It is said people when fed to satisfaction shower blessings and utter auspicious words. We the fortunate ones get to eat and waste all

The Brahmin Weddings

Marriages they say, are made in heaven. The bonds that last a life time and follows you throughout the seven circles of life you are supposed to complete. The weddings in the traditional Brahmin households are extravagant. Traditionally the weddings would last a good 19 days. With the ever evolving present, it is exclusively celebrated for 3 days. It is usually organized by the bride and her family. Pre –