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Basic and easy DIY snacks.

Morning blues are very real and in fact would remain so till you retire. From the moment you enter the secondary school, getting up in the morning is a bane to be faced and dealt with. Might as well do it head on. How ? Well, with food of course. For those lucky few who have breakfast waiting on the table when they get ready and have a mother hen

For the love of sea-side food (Alibaug beach)

Having lived 30 km from Alibaug, the glorious Arabian sea became like a second home. A feeling shared by many of the co-habitat of the region, I became fiercely possessive and proud of MY beach. With passing time the focus shifted from building sand castles to the serenity of the place . Lately i realized the serenity has as much to do with the food there as it is with

Food from USA- Personal List!

One visit to America and a foodie who has grown with likes of Noddy and FRIENDS and Big Bang theory, reaches the seventh heaven itself. Having all the preparations one see in sitcoms and cartoons come to life is a different experience all together and here I share with you the what and how of my tummies journey through four states. This list is not exhaustive or innovative per say,

Barbecue the Indian hangout

The west has now twin meaning of Barbecue, it’s to barbecue and to be at one. The sheer tradition that this tiny (not literally!) thing packs in itself is awesome. From sports to backyard parties, Barbecue is a way of life there. The Wild West is set in its way and doesn’t seem to want to change, and rightly so. The untamed east has its versions of the game with

Dessert Dreams

Whats life without dreams and who said the dream has to be productive? It can just be a whim and the whim to eat is the best kind. Here I share with you two of my most delicious whims. One was surmounted and second is eluding me. The Cheesecake Factory. The place where penny works!  This comes from a diehard Big Bang Fan who also happens to be a foodie;