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Go nuts for peanuts

Peanuts, probably to be cultivated in the lands of Paraguay first, are not at all nuts but belong from the legume or pea or bean family. They are harvested from underground unlike other nuts which are formed on tree like almonds, and cashew. Also known as groundnuts, they are a healthy source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Though they have proven to be a health hazard to some people as

Refreshing Fruit Drinks

With the sun scorching from the high beating all of us down with its immense power we all are in an urgent need to have something which would quench our thirst as well as is healthy and easy to make. “Cool” is the new hot thing in this summer and we all are willing to get a sip in to these “cool” things. So here are some of the easy-to-make

Wicca: The Mysterious Religion

Wicca, even though treated as a religion, can also be termed as a school of thought or philosophy. A nature-based religion Wicca was brought into the limelight by retired British civil servant Gerald Gardner around 1950s. Wicca is the infamous witchcraft practice and the female followers of the beliefs of this religion call themselves as witch, but basically they are regarded as neo-pagans. Wicca is a religion shrouded in mystery