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Touring Manipal and around

A university town located within the temple city of Udupi, Manipal has a vivacious history attached to it. Once, just a barren land with deserted roads, this town now boasts of a university campus spread across 600 acres and an astir crowd from all possible corners of the country and the world alike. The town derives its name for ‘Mannu palla’ which means Mud Lake, in Kannada and Tulu (the

Producing Marvels in the Cottage! – India’s indigenous industries

Talk of India to an American and the first few things that cross his mind will be great food, beautiful handicrafts and marvelous cultural heritage. India is known for its gorgeous art and craft forms, be it the woolen carpets of Kashmir, or the metal artifacts of ……, these form the pride of a curators’ collection. What makes them worth the value they have is the years of experience and